Bondi Rescue Has The Goggleboxers Getting Sentimental About The Simple Stuff We Took For Granted

The latest episode of Bondi Rescue offered up a slice of nostalgia to the Gogglebox families.

As households around the globe practice social distancing and self- isolation, the idea of visiting a crowded beach or even sitting in a public place with more than one friend seemed like a distant memory.

While beachgoers copped flak for flouting the rules just two weeks ago, the scenes shown on Bondi Rescue were shot months before the restrictions came into place.

The episode began as it always does, with the sounds of Thirsty Merc's lead singer crooning, "in the summertime, that's where I'll be" but the Goggleboxers quickly fact-checked the lyric.

"Not now, you won't!" said Elias family mum, Danielle.

Remembering the times we could go to the beach and not just watch it on TV. Image: Network 10.

Later, as the families watched the Bondi lifeguards rescue a 26-year-old tourist from Northern Ireland, a thank you handshake and embrace similarly attracted attention.

"Aw, back when you could hug," Danielle observed.

Image: Network 10.

As well as the usual tourists needing some help getting out of rips, and a few of the Goggleboxers thirsting after Mario, the squad's Italian lifeguard, there was also a more serious element to the episode.

Filmed earlier this year during Australia's bushfire crisis, an orange haze could be seen along the stretch of the iconic beach.

"During simpler times, when all we had to worry about was the country burning," sighed Tim to sister Leanne.



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While Sarah Marie commented to Matty and Jad that "because of the coronavirus, these bushfires seem like they were so long ago when it was just like, yesterday".

Image: Network 10.

Remembering the devastating crisis, while living through a completely new one, the households remarked on the strength and generosity of Australians during difficult times.

"One thing that I love about Australia, when we're in a crisis, we all do come together," Anastasia said to bestie Faye.

But as they watched the bushfire appeal items being loaded onto a truck by the community -- there was one item that really brought the Goggleboxers together.

"Look at all that toilet paper!" said Kerry Silberry with Matt over at the Dalton family household pointing at the treasure trove of loo roll as well.

At least we can relive these simpler times on Bondi Rescue and remember when we could visit the beach, hug each other and had a luxurious abundance of toilet paper.

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