Five Seasons Of US Survivor Join Four New Series Added To 10 Play This Week

If you're already missing the Golden God and the rest of Australian Survivor's All Stars 10 Play has a treat for you.

As part of their mission to entertain the nation during this period of serious social isolation and distancing, 10 Play have added a ton of shows available to stream right now.

Kicking things off the platform dropped Season 2 of How To Stay Married plus an all-new season of Drunk History Australia.

But wait, there's so much more. Five seasons of US Survivor have dropped to fill that All Stars hole in your heart. There are new dramas, docuseries,  action and adventures and you better believe a reality dating show.



Drunk History Australia Has Landed On 10 Play To Brighten Up Drunk Isolation

We’re not making any judgments but if you’ve started referring to Pinot Grigio as “mid-morning juice”, we might have the show for you.

Yes there's something for everyone -- which is great because everyone should be at home!

Check out what's been added below:

Survivor US

Yep, just hours after David Genat took home the title of Sole Survivor on All Stars, we're already hankerin' for a blindside.

Thankfully the Survivor (golden) gods have taken pity on us and dropped five seasons of the US version onto 10 Play.

Photo: Network 10.

You can jump into Survivor: Pearl Island (Season 7), Survivor: All Stars (Season 8), Survivor: Cook Islands (Season 13), Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains (Season 20) and Survivor: Redemption Island (Season 22).

It may be a bit weird if you're used to Jonathan LaPaglia's voice shouting "Survivor's ready" (and his biceps) but you're in good hands with the OG tribal council master, Jeff Probst.

Check it out here.

 Beecham House

Photo: Network 10.

If the drama of hidden immunity idols isn't really your thing, but you're mad for a bit of drama, Beecham House is where it's at.

Set in 1975 in Colonial India, the series follows an Englishman and former soldier John Beecham who moves to a sprawling estate in Delhi. Bringing his mother and troublesome brother -- John attempts to make his new home a safe haven, but a cast of complex visitors arriving at Beecham House bring their own raft of troubles.

Think Downton Abbey but the main character swoons a hell of a lot.

Check it out here.



10 Play To Cure Cabin Fever With 10 Days Of Surprise Series Drops

While many Aussies are adjusting to staying home as much as possible, 10 Play have decided to ease the boredom burden.

Blood & Treasure

Looking for more action? Then Blood & Treasure might be fore you.

This one is more like Indiana Jones meets NCIS and follows former FBI agent and antiques expert (hey, everyone needs a hobby right) Danny McNamara. He teams up with art thief Lexi Vaziri and the pair go on some globe-trotting adventures.

Photo: Network 10.

As so many of us tend to do, the pair find themselves wrapped up in the dramas of a 2,000-year-old fight for the cradle of civilization. Honestly guys, pretty sure KMart sell tons of cradles if you're that desperate. Fun jokes!

Check it out here.

Dating #NoFilter

Photo: Network 10.

Dating can be tricky... according to people who actually bother to do it. Well Dating #NoFilter takes the awkwardness of first dates and multiplies it by 10,000 with the added dynamic of a bunch of people watching and providing commentary.

Yep, it's the Gogglebox of blind dates and you better believe there is a LOT of awkwardness to discuss on some of these dates, but there are also a handful of success stories that'll make your cold, dead heart sing.

Check it out here.

Adam Hills: Take His Legs

Photo: Network 10.

Just added today, Adam Hills: Take His Legs follows the Aussie comedian and presenter on his journey to establish the first Physical Disability Rugby League team in the United Kingdom.

A massive rugby league fan, Adam creates the Warrington Wolves who return to his home ground of Australia to take on the South Sydney Rabbitohs. For fans of sport, and those people googling what "sport" means alike, this hour-special may be just the spark of joy you're looking for this week.

Check out all these and many, many more of your favourites over on 10 Play.

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