Australian Survivor All Stars: The Best Reactions To The Finale

After 50 days, the very first Australian Survivor All Star sole survivor has been crowned, but not before one hell of a battle to that final tribal.

With Moana, Sharn and David each desperate to take out the title of sole survivor, they first had to tackle one final individual immunity challenge.

From there, three would become two, but it was anyone's guess as to who would be making it to the final tribal council.

Before they could even get that far, the trio had to face a familiar trial, standing on narrow pegs with one arm resting on an idol -- the other arm holding a handle attached to an elastic pulling the castaways off their pedestals.

For Mo, David and Sharn it was an emotional challenge with their families watching on. For us watching at home it was an emotional time because David put a shirt on.

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‘A Dream Come True’: Golden God David Genat Has Been Crowned All Stars Sole Survivor

David Genat has taken out the top spot on Australian Survivor: All Stars following a crucial immunity win and a masterful speech to the jury at the final tribal council.

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'I Was Humming With Emotions': How David's Family Reunion Drove Him Towards Immunity Victory

David Genat has explained how seeing his wife and daughter, and chatting on the phone to his two sons in Perth, gave him the final ounce of super human strength he needed for the final immunity challenge.

JLP also let those of us sitting on the couch thinking 'I could do that' that the challenge was "harder than it looks".

Thankfully the Golden God was able to take the final individual immunity, guaranteeing him a place at final tribal.

Ultimately, David picked Sharn to take to final Tribal, making Moana the ninth member of the jury.

Many fans also noted this meant Sharn had reached the massive milestone of 100 days in the Survivor game.

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Sharn Coombes Did Everything To Avoid Repeating History, And Did So Anyway

Sharn Coombes has taken out the title of runner-up once again in the game of Survivor.

It was time for Dave and Sharn to plead their cases to the jury, giving them the opportunity to explain their games, and the jury an opportunity to grill them about grievances.

At one point, AK even brought out a sack of rocks he must have made during a crafternoon at jury villa.

There were some comparisons...

But mostly just a lot of thoughts about the Golden God.

So it's no surprise the internet imploded when he was ultimately crowned sole survivor.

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