'I Was Humming With Emotions': How David's Family Reunion Drove Him Towards Immunity Victory

David Genat has explained how seeing his wife and daughter, and chatting on the phone to his two sons in Perth, gave him the final ounce of super human strength he needed for the final immunity challenge.

Facing a painful endurance test on pedestals above shallow ocean water, Dave, Moana and Sharn were treated to a special visit from their nearest and dearest.

Speaking to 10 daily after winning the entire All Stars competition, Dave explained that he'd made a promise to himself going into the final challenge.

"I had been saying to the camera leading up to the challenge, I will die on that final challenge, and I legitimately meant it," he said.

Seeing his wife Pearl and daughter Rei make their way towards him after more than 50 days apart only strengthened his resolve with the mirage of family materialising into the people he'd made sacrifices for to get this far in the game.

Image: Network 10.

"Being so far removed from them and then seeing their faces, I was like, "Wait, will I? Yes, I will die up there. This is who I’m doing that for.'"

After Rei declared to JLP that her dad didn't look any different and was just "perfect" only the partners of Sharn, Mo and Dave remained to watch the brutal challenge.

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"It was incredible," Dave said of his wife's presence as he balanced on the narrow pegs for more than two hours.

"I think it was very scary for her, she’d seen me come out of the game probably a month after I finished Champs v Contenders because I was in jury for two weeks and I went to Australia for two weeks before I got back to New York," he said.

Image: Network 10.

After two weeks of jury feasting and a more normal diet in Australia, Dave wasn't looking quite as physically run down as he was on day 49 of All Stars. 

"For her to come out and see me in that really raw state, it was a lot for her but she held it together, man, like you would not believe -- her strength there really gave me more strength".

David has explained throughout the season that he signed up for two consecutive seasons of Australian Survivor for his family, in the hopes of relocating to Perth with his wife, daughter and step-daughter to live nearby his two sons.

Image: Network 10.

The model and his family recently made the move from New York to Australia, only just making it into the country before coronavirus travel restrictions closed borders and grounded flights.

"It’s amazing to have the family together," David told 10 daily. "I mean, we only just made it back, it could have been really touch and go there with the flights, the way things were going.

"The crazy thing is I was insisting on flying through Hong Kong, before everything had really even come out, before we even knew about coronavirus.

Dave said he normally flies via Hong Kong to Perth but was advised to make the trip to Australia via Los Angeles instead.

"So I dodged a big bullet there and then my family joined me a few weeks later and that’s when everything really kicked off, we just feel very, very fortunate," he added.

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