Dancing With The Stars 2020: Meet The Final Four

The final four have just one more chance to prove to the judges why they deserve the mirror ball trophy and the title of 2020's Dancing with the Stars champion.

This year has been full of surprises, saving one for our final four celebs who thought they had one more week ahead of them before the grand finale.

Now Christian Wilkins, Claudia Karvan, Ed Kavalee and Celia Pacquola are heading to the dance floor one last time to battle it out for the top spot.

Dancing for redemption, each celeb will be revisiting one of their dances from the season -- handpicked by the judges -- to show how they listened to critiques.



Dancing With The Stars Finale To Air This Sunday

The finish line is even closer than our final four thought as the grand finale of 10's Dancing With The Stars drops this Sunday, March 29.

Each celeb will then perform a second dance, this time a fusion of two styles, making things twice as difficult.

Ahead of the finale, we thought we'd take a look at each of our stars and how their time on the show has been so far.

Christian Wilkins

Our favourite dance so far:

With Christian and Lily it's hard to pick just one of their performances -- scoring the first 10s of the season this dynamic duo wowed the judges with their highest-scoring dance of the season with an emotional contemporary routine.

Last week, however, it was their rooftop performances that truly went above and beyond -- with the rare circumstances making for an utterly unforgettable set of dances.

Also, how often does a rooftop BBQ get a starring role in two beautiful dance performances?

Highest score: Contemporary dance in week 5, scoring 29.

Charity: The Wayside Chapel



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On Sunday night's episode of Dancing With The Stars, hosts Amanda Keller and Grant Denyer had to think on their feet when they were suddenly cut off in order to cross to Scott Morrison's press conference.

Claudia Karvan

Our favourite dance so far: 

Claudia and Aric launched into the competition as the couple to beat. Their Week 1 cha cha, as Sharna put it, "set the dance floor on fire" with their sizzling moves.

Though they may have had to perform in last week's dance-off against Dami Im and Shae Mountain, Claudia and Aric's quiet confidence in their foxtrot saw them sail through to the final week of the competition, where we're expecting some pretty impressive tricks.

Highest score: Contemporary dance in week 6, scoring 34.

Charity: The Wayside Chapel

Ed Kavalee

Our favourite dance so far: 

Comedian Ed's skills on the dance floor are no laughing matter. From week to week he and partner Jorja Freeman have continued to impress the judges -- and we're not just talking about the range of incredible facial expressions Ed makes when he dances.

While his performances on Latin Night saw him shoot straight to the top of the leaderboard, his Charleston wowed the judges and his Back To School performance was an adorable ode to being stood-up (twice), we're still obsessed with Ed and Jorja's Week 6 performance.

With Jorja dressed as a slinky cyborg and Ed as her mad scientist, honestly this routine has stuck with us... probably because we just don't see enough murder on the dance floor.

Highest score: The Charleston in week 7, scoring 25.

Charity: Learning for Life Autism Centre



Dancing With The Stars: All The Rooftop Waltzes And Flawless Foxtrots From Week 7

It's the second week that Dancing With The Stars has soldiered on without a live audience but the celebs haven't let that stop them from rehearsing harder than ever for week seven of the competition.

Celia Pacquola

Our favourite dance so far: 

Early on in the competition Celia joked that she was struggling to even get close to dance partner Jarryd Byrne. Now, just a few short weeks after they first made their way onto the dance floor, Celia and Jarryd have cemented themselves as the ones to beat on Sunday.

From their "No Scrubs" salsa to their bangin' Charleston, Celia and Jarryd have smashed the leaderboard week after week, but obviously we can't go past their jive from Week 7 that saw them take home the first perfect 30 from the judges.

Highest score: The Jive in week 7, scoring a perfect 30.

Charity: Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre

Dancing With The Stars Grand Finale will air Sunday, March 29 at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.