A Guide To The Australian Survivor: All Stars Top 3

The stage has been set for the very first Australian Survivor: All Stars finale -- but who will become the ultimate sole survivor?

David Genat, Moana Hope and Sharn Coombes have remained in a mostly tight alliance since Vakama and Mokuta merged into KaloKalo, methodically sending their opponents to Jury Villa.

The top three still need to shed one more member to join the discerning jury who has the most important decision of the game -- working out who most deserves to win half a million dollars.

It's not going to be all smiles at the final immunity challenge. Image: Network 10.

We decided to flick through Dave, Mo and Sharn's curriculum vitae before two of them will make their final pitches at the last tribal council.

David Genat

Image: Network 10.

David barely had a chance to catch his breath between leaving Season 4 of Survivor and rocking up to All Stars. While the back-to-back experiences have compromised his health and fitness, it's also meant that Dave hasn't switched off his cunning, conniving, strategic Survivor brain.

Hitting the ground running, Dave has been thinking several steps ahead, providing himself with so many protective force-fields that no-one's really been able to take a swing at the king.

However, from the very start, everyone has agreed that Dave would be completely unbeatable if he made it to the final two, meaning he'll probably be heading home prematurely if he doesn't win the final immunity challenge.

Always be scheming. Image: Network 10.

Memorable Moves: Where do we even begin? He successfully led a majority alliance on Vakama while secretly working with Mat Rogers, forced Brooke to flush her idol for him at tribal, found an immunity idol he didn't use until the very last minute, used Phoebe's own clue to add another piece of jewellery to his collection and had a fake idol up his sleeve this whole time -- just in case.

How he conducts business: Brooke issued a warning minutes before her elimination that Dave gets up to some weird stuff in the middle of the night. He conducts all his dealings under the cover of darkness and strictly one to one.

Immunity Wins: Two. David's last win was the most crucial of his game with his obstacle course victory securing his place in the top three.

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Moana Hope

Image: Network 10.

Moana was determined to show Australia what she's made of after an unexpected illness knocked her out of Season 3 before she really make her mark on the game.

Sure enough, Mo has done just that, playing in a fairly unorthodox but very dangerous style. Beginning her game as the right-hand woman to her IRL mate Mat Rogers, Moana solidified her bond with so-called "minions" Jacqui and Tarzan who provided unwavering support after merge.

While she initially didn't trust Dave at all, their bond has solidified strongly since merge and the pair have been in control of every single vote (bar Jacqui's bold decision to get rid of Zach).

How she conducts business: From her hut office. Moana has been seen as a strong, silent type who spends a lot of her time in the shelter -- but that's where she's honed her instincts.

Mo has explained that she spends most of her time watching her tribe mates' body language, taking note of their reactions when they're happy, sad or lying and storing it away in her memory.

Image: Network 10.

Immunity wins: Zip! There have been challenges where the former professional footballer has dipped out of immunity challenges quite early and while she's been a reliable team player, she hasn't really shone in individual races.

But this only illustrates her strength because she hasn't, at any point, really needed immunity protection -- apart from very early on in her Vakama days.

It could also be argued that flexing your full athletic ability never really works out in Survivor because no-one likes a challenge beast!

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Sharn Coombes

Image: Network 10.

Sometimes Survivor can be viewed as a game that involves a bit of luck, or at least the right tribe mates, but Sharn is proving that good fortune has nothing to do with getting to the end.

She now has a proven track record of making it to the Australian Survivor top three twice -- using her physical, strategic and social game to keep pushing forward against all odds.

Sharn's background in law means she leaves nothing to chance and also has the ability to convince, confuse and coerce.

Brooke certainly won't vote for Sharn if she makes top two. Network 10.

How she conducts business: In an extremely confusing manner. Sharn has flip-flopped all over the place this season, making promises to just about everyone.

The strategy of playing both sides, gingerly sitting on the fence has worked so far for Sharn but after being caught out a couple of times, it's nearly cost her the game. It's also entirely possible that, if Sharn gets to the final tribal, she won't attract many votes from the jury members she screwed over.

Immunity wins: 1. Sharn is not so secretly a challenge beast, but not so explicitly that it's made her a target. Sharn has a great chance of repeating history and winning the final immunity challenge -- she'll just have to choose who she takes to the top two very wisely.

The Australian Survivor: All Stars finale kicks off on Monday, March 30 at 7.30 pm, followed by the Reunion episode. Only on 10 and WIN Network.