Drunk History Australia Has Landed On 10 Play To Brighten Up Drunk Isolation

We’re not making any judgments but if you’ve started referring to Pinot Grigio as “mid-morning juice”, we might have the show for you.

As part of their ongoing efforts to provide some entertainment as we all stay home as much as possible, 10 Play has released all six episodes of Drunk History Australia.

Based on the incredibly popular franchise from the United States, Drunk History sees some of your favourite comedians having a few too many all in the name of historical inaccuracies.

After they’re sufficiently sauced, the comedians tell their favourite story from Aussie history and the result is often lewd, crude and wildly inaccurate. Making things even better is the fact that their tipsy telling of the historical events are then reenacted -- complete with masterful lip syncing -- by other familiar faces.

Ben Pobjie


There's Only One Thing That Would Make Me Get Drunk

I don't have a history of drinking, but that could be arranged.

The first comedian putting their liver on the line, Anne Edmonds, admitted, “We could all use a stiff drink at the moment and boy did I have a few in this first episode.

“I can’t help but feel that Dame Nellie Melba would be proud.”

Initially part of 10's Pilot Week, the powers that be saw the potential in getting some of the nation's funniest befuddled, blotto, blitzed and occasionally bladdered.



10 Play To Cure Cabin Fever With 10 Days Of Surprise Series Drops

While many Aussies are adjusting to staying home as much as possible, 10 Play have decided to ease the boredom burden.

The series is set to tackle topics like the first Miss Australia, the dismissal of Gough Whitlam and even cannibalistic convicts. Now that’s an episode to really sink your teeth into.

Drunk History joins Season 2 of How to Stay Married which 10 Play released on Wednesday, gearing Aussies up for a weekend full of binge-watch options. And that's not all, the platform is set to launch eight more titles over the next eight days just to make sure you're not dipping into the emergency wine rations too much out of boredom.

Drunk History Australia is now available to stream on 10 Play.

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