People Are Convinced This Netflix Series ‘Predicted’ Coronavirus

Viewers were shocked when Korean series My Secret Terrius appeared to predict the coronavirus pandemic back in 2018.

With the majority of the world staying home as we ride out the COVID-19 pandemic, many have found themselves binge watching the series -- however, it was the show’s 10th episode that had viewers a tad unsettled.



If Ever We Needed Positive Words From A Doctor, It's Now

'Doctor Who' star Jodie Whittaker has sent an "emergency transmission" to fans who might be worried about COVID-19.

In the specific scene, a doctor is seen in a hospital informing an individual that their accompanying dying patient has been infected with a mutant strain of coronavirus, one she explains is more dangerous than the previously known strains -- 2002’s SARS and 2012’s MERS diseases.

Image; Netflix

Contrary to the real-world virus, the show depicts a virus that had been manipulated to kill 90% of humanity.

"Someone tweaked it to increase the mortality rate to 90 percent," a character on the show explains while comparing the coronavirus to MERS, adding that it has an incubation period between two to 14 days.

"The virus was manipulated to attack the lungs directly within just five minutes of being exposed," she added.



WATCH: Classic Scrubs Scene Goes Viral To Teach The Importance Of Social Distancing

An iconic scene from medical dramedy Scrubs has resurfaced amid calls for people to self-isolate to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Upon seeing the eerie scene, viewers quickly took to social media to express their shock over the coincidence, with some immediately dubbing it as a conspiracy.

Unfortunately for those hoping the Illuminati could be behind the outbreak, the facts aren’t quite as exciting.

'Coronavirus’ is a broad term that pertains to a large family of viruses that cause respiratory infections. These can range from the common cold to more serious diseases, while COVID-19 is the disease caused by a new coronavirus.

So there you go.

Image: Netflix