Emmie Silbery Is Still The Funniest Goggleboxer -- Even When She's In Self-Isolation

Emmie Silbery is set to celebrate her 91st birthday in self-isolation this week.

Em has temporarily taken a leave of absence from her Gogglebox lounge chair, a precaution to make sure she's not exposed to COVID-19.

While her daughter Kerry and granddaughter Isabelle have continued on in giving us their thoughts on Australia's best (and worst) TV shows, the pair have missed Em's quips and comments.

After the Gogglebox households watched an ABC News report about the death of country music legend Kenny Rogers, the pair immediately thought of their family's matriarch.

Emmie's still making her presence felt on Gogglebox. Image: Network 10.

"It's a pity that Emmy's not here," said Kerry. "Why don't you call her?" she asked her daughter.

Picking up her phone, Isabelle got Em on the line and asked if she'd heard that "The Gambler" singer and frequent duet partner of Dolly Parton had passed away.

"I know, it's made me so sad," Em replied through the loudspeaker.



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"Oh, please don't be sad, Em," replied Isabelle, who looked even more concerned when her grandmother added that she had shed a few tears.

"For a long time I haven't cried and I cried today," said Em.

But while her family looked began to look concerned than Em had spent the day mourning Kenny, she told them that, actually, she'd just been "watching a very sad movie". 

"What was it, mum?" asked Kerry.

"Oh, I can't remember!" Em replied, as her family burst out in laughter.

Image: Network 10.

Luckily we're still getting treated to Em's humour via phone calls on Gogglebox and through Kerry's descriptions of her mum's quarantine life.

"She's in her pyjamas all the time, didn't even have her hearing aids in!" she laughed, adding that Em was turning 91 soon.

"Are we even going to see her on her birthday if she's quarantined?" asked Isabelle. "I want to see her!"

It's a problem that everyone with birthdays in March has been facing amid the coronavirus outbreak, with big (and small) parties strictly banned.

Luckily we can watch back plenty of Em's funniest moments from the Gogglebox archives as we patiently await the end of her (and everyone's) time in self-isolation.

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Main Image: Network 10 .