Here's How The Australian Survivor: All Stars Finale Is Going Down

There are still three players left in Australian Survivor: All Stars -- but just one who will get to claim the top spot and eternal bragging rights.

This isn't like winning a regular season of Survivor -- which is tough enough as it is -- this is winning a competition against 23 physically tough, strategically brilliant and socially disarming players who all returned for revenge.

After the remaining Vakama members were wiped out, the Season 1 and 2 players decimated -- only Season 3 and 4 contestants (and Mokuta mainstays) remain -- Moana Hope, Sharn Coombes and David Genat.

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A Guide To The Australian Survivor: All Stars Top 3

The stage has been set for the very first Australian Survivor: All Stars finale -- but who will become the ultimate sole survivor?

The finale is set to kick off this Monday, March 30 at 7.30 on 10 -- here's everything you need to know about the big night.

What's The Running Order And When Can We Hear All The Juicy Reunion Gossip?

We want to hear everything about this scene. Image: Network 10.

Make sure you've prepared yourself for a 7.30 pm start on Monday night, with plenty of popcorn at the ready because this episode is most likely going to hit the ground running.

The final three: Sharn, Moana and Dave still have to complete the most physically challenging aspect left in the game -- the final immunity challenge.

Last season, Pia Miranda, Baden Gilbert and Harry Hills looked like they were being forced to perform some kind of satanic ritual, standing on narrow pegs in front of their loved ones for over seven hours.

The longest Australian Survivor challenge in history. Photo: Network 10.

If we've learnt anything from the Survivor history books, we'll see an emotional family reunion involving the loved ones of Mo, Dave and Sharn followed by a torturous endurance challenge they'll be forced to watch.

The last KaloKalo vote: Whoever wins the final immunity challenge will cast a single vote to eliminate the person they don't think they can stack up against in front of the jury.

The final showdown: The final two usually get a little brunch, as a treat, then spend the rest of their day pretending to be friends as they craft savage monologues ripping their opponent to shreds in preparation for their final speeches.

A Reminder Of Who's On The Jury

Harry's surprise, and his moustache, growing with every episode. Image: Network 10.

In order of their blindsides, or not so secret eliminations, we've got: Locky Gilbert, Harry Hills, Zach Kozyrski, Jacqui Patterson, Shonee Fairfax, Aaron 'AK' Knight, Mark 'Tarzan' Herlaar, and Brooke Jowett. 

Sharn has mentioned that, as a barrister, she's not allowed to sit on a jury in real life and, in her Survivor past as Season 3 runner up, she's never sat on the show's jury.

Is she about to break her anti-jury streak or will it be Dave or Moana coming in at third place?

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‘If I’m A Goat I’m The Best Goat That Ever Played’: Mark ‘Tarzan’ Herlaar Knew Loyalty Wouldn’t Get Him To The End

The fan-favourite first played the game of Survivor in 2017 where his loyalty to his underdog alliance saw him voted out on Day 11.

Will Jonathan LaPaglia Be Arriving With The Urn Via Jetski?

Things will be a little different for the All Stars vote read. Image: Network 10.

As you may have heard, due to the coronavirus pandemic, JLP was unable to jump on a plane from Los Angeles before flights were grounded and travel bans were put in place.

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Why Osher Günsberg Will Be The Perfect Co-Pilot At The Survivor Finale

Just like many people around the world at the moment, Jonathan LaPaglia has been forced to work from home, with the spread of coronavirus preventing him from flying in from the US for the All Stars finale.

But he'll still be running the show via video link from the States, with super fan Osher Günsberg helping out in the studio to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The live reveal: We'll find out who the sole survivor is when the show shifts from Fiji to Australia at 9pm on Monday evening. After someone is given the almighty cheque for $500,000, the tell-all reunion will begin.

Don't miss the Australian Survivor: All Stars finale on Monday, March 30 at 7.30 pm and the Reunion Tell-All from 9 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.

Main Image: Network 10.