The Text Message Flick Sent Brooke After Her Survivor Elimination

Felicity 'Flick' Eggington's Season 1 blindside of her good pal Brooke Jowett is one of the most memorable moments in Australian Survivor history.

The pair had been thick as thieves for weeks during the 2016 season of the competition, until the moment that Flick plunged a metaphorical dagger into the back of her best mate at tribal council, prematurely sending her home.

Four years later, Survivor fans were treated to round two between the fiercely competitive players when Brooke and Flick returned for All Stars and were not just placed on the same tribe, but ended up in the same alliance.

Weeks and weeks went by and it seemed as though their past beef was water under the bridge, set aside so they could team up and work against bigger threats in the game.

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But as merge approached and Vakama continued their unfortunate losing streak, paranoia set in.

Flick was clearly chatting to Mat Rogers and Brooke quickly recognised a familiar pattern.

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Brooke Jowett has become the 21st All Star to leave Australian Survivor after her impressive run of immunity wins came to an end.

"She blindsided me after 45 days of saving her arse," she told Locky and Shonee, later adding that she could see Flick panicking a little as Brooke formed a friendship with Shon.

Not long after, it was finally time for Brooke's long awaited revenge at tribal council, sending Flick home before she could make it to merge.

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Speaking to 10 daily after her own elimination, Brooke explained that, despite her recent revenge plot, her friendship with Flick has grown stronger because of their time on All Stars. 

"Flick and I are probably in the best place we’ve been in four years, it’s been really nice," she said.

"When I got out she sent me a message saying, 'Flick, 1, Brooke, 1 -- now we can move on' and it was such a good thing because now we both no longer have this rivalry and we can just carry on with our friendship and our life," Brooke said.

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Brooke exited Australian Survivor: All Stars with a number of impressive achievements under her belt -- placing fourth in the competition with five immunity wins overall.

After arriving at Jury Villa, Brooke reflected on her 47 days with Vakama and KaloKalo, listing her vengeful blindside against Flick as one of her proudest moments.

"Coming into this game, I knew I wanted to get my revenge on Flick so I drew her in, kept her around for a few weeks and took my shot when I could," she said.

With the score evened at 1-1, the pair have clearly settled into a much more relaxed friendship with Brooke and Flick both posing for Lee Carseldine's recent #TowelChallenge calendar -- a charity initiative aimed at raising money for the Stroke Foundation.

The Australian Survivor: All Stars finale airs on Monday, March 30 at 7.30 only on 10 and WIN Network.