Netflix’s New True Crime Series Tiger King Is Unbelievable, Wild And Exactly What We Need Right Now

It’s truly difficult to put into words what makes Netflix’s latest documentary series so fascinating.

But if you’ve ever wanted to watch a true crime series about the backstabbing, belittling and murderous plots that go on in America’s big-cat underground, boy oh boy has the streaming service got you covered.

Last weekend Netflix released Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness and if you haven’t already you need to call your best true-crime loving mates and start binging ASAP.



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Netflix’s New True Crime Series Tiger King Is Unbelievable
Joe Exotic, star of Netflix's newest documentary series and fashion icon. Image: Netflix.

Though the series is initially based around a man named ‘Joe Exotic’, it really introduces the viewer to the very wild world of those living in the United States who are obsessed with big cats. We’re not talking about chubby house cats but people who dedicate their lives to tigers.

The series follows Joe and his colleagues in the world of big cats across five years.

It seems strange to say it about a true-crime series, but this is really one you don’t want spoiled for you, with so many unbelievable plot twists at every turn -- there are so many moments you sit up and wonder just how this could all be real.



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Filmmaker Eric Goode unravels what first appears to be a story about a community obsessed with tigers and big cats, tracking back to reveal a world of polygamy, cults, murder plots and -- perhaps most shocking of all -- homemade country music videos.

Joe Exotic ran a roadside zoo boasting over 200 big cats -- with a few other animals like bears and alligators.

At its core, the series tracks Joe and his rivalry with the matriarch of a big cat sanctuary, Carole Baskin. At odds with each other’s methods and standards for keeping big cats, Carole and Joe became nemeses of a Shakespearean level.

Fleur Morrison


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The cinemas and libraries are closed.

After simply attempting to put each other out of business, things become uglier and uglier until Joe attempts to silence Carole once and for all.

The cast of characters Goode interviews is truly spectacular, with their candour on the unbelievable tales ranging from hilarious to downright shocking.

Did we mention there’s a whole period of time where Joe becomes an amateur magician to teach school kids not to do drugs?

Right now the world is full of uncertainties and anxieties, but thankfully we have Joe, and the world of big cat people who -- for seven episodes -- will have you on the edge of your seat.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness is now streaming on Netflix.

Featured image: Netflix.