‘That Meant More To Me Than Actual Money’: Brooke Exits All Stars Just Days Before The Finale

Brooke Jowett has become the 21st All Star to leave Australian Survivor after her impressive run of immunity wins came to an end.

As her alliance was decimated, Brooke relied on her arsenal of physical talents -- mustering her strength, endurance, agility and sense of balance to continually protect herself at tribal council.

After reaching the top four with tight three Dave, Moana and Sharn, Brooke faced the most important immunity challenge of all, an obstacle course that Dave completed just seconds before her.

Speaking to 10 daily after her elimination, Brooke said it was an emotional end to her 47 day journey in Fiji.

“For me, I think both Dave and I knew that whoever lost that challenge was going home,” she explained. “There’s no more idols, nothing else that could save us from that, so, it was such an important challenge to win and such a close challenge,”she said.

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Brooke added that to “lose by a couple of seconds” was even tougher knowing that the top three contestants are usually treated to the best reward of all -- seeing their loved ones.

“The reason that I was so emotional was I knew family visits were coming up and that meant more to me than actual money itself, I was really choked up,” she said.

“I was hugging Dave like, “You deserve this” but also, “I’m shattered for me”.

The embrace between former alliance members (turned rivals) showed the unusual nature of Survivor-- forming incredibly deep bonds with people that have openly been trying to snuff out your torch.



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“My relationship with Dave is such an interesting one because we clearly wanted each other out -- I said it to his face a million times and he didn’t hide it that he wanted me gone.

“So we had this constant bickering and banter and fighting at tribal council but deep down I think we respect each other so much,  that moment was kind of like, ‘Oh I hate you, but I love you.’”

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Despite knowing the odds weren’t in her favour following the brutal loss, Brooke switched from challenge beast mode into strategic planning, spending her time trying to create uncertainty among an alliance that has remained inexplicably impenetrable.

"I’ve never seen an alliance like that," Brooke told 10 daily of the Dave, Mo, Sharn (and formerly, Tarzan) gang.

"I think for everyone, in their head, it was a benefit to them staying in that little group,” she told 10 daily. “I mean, I just don’t know how it worked so well but it did for them and it kinda sucks for me!” she said.

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Brooke Makes Australian Survivor History, Causes Fans To Break Down In Tears

Brooke Jowett has continued to dominate from the bottom of KaloKalo, despite being outnumbered 3-1.

Brooke had also been burnt several times by the unfulfilled promises of barrister Sharn (most notably after Jacqui’s departure) and didn’t hold much stock in anything she was told during pre-tribal scrambles.

“Sharn is the queen of over-promising and under-delivering,” Brooke chuckled.

“She literally promised me every single tribal that she was with me and then the next day would come up and be like, sorry something come up!

“It drove me crazy, I tried to stay calm after all those occasions but I think at the end I was like, “I just can’t talk to you anymore, you’ve done enough damage.’”

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Instead, Brooke spent the bulk of her time concocting the perfect pitch for what was to be her last visit to tribal with KaloKalo.

“I mean, I had a lot of time sitting on the beach alone,” Brooke laughed. “So I used that time to sort of come up with ways to convince people they should go for Dave,” she added.

Though Dave was protected by his immunity win that night, Brooke appealed indirectly to both Moana and Sharn, pointing out the very attractive CV that the Golden God has been working on during his time on All Stars.

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The fan-favourite first played the game of Survivor in 2017 where his loyalty to his underdog alliance saw him voted out on Day 11.

“We all knew how big of a threat he was, but no one wanted to take the risk or no one wanted to get him out,” she said. “I wanted to show the others, “What we see is incredible from Dave, so imagine what we don’t see.

“I know personally, from finding out that he was the mole (during the early Vakama days) and all of these other things, that he is the biggest player that I’ve ever come across.”

Image: Network 10.

Despite leaving All Stars frustratingly close to the $500,000 finish line, Brooke said she's at peace leaving in fourth place with five immunity wins under her belt.

"I think I just really left with my head held high because I knew I had lasted a lot longer than I was really meant to with all the odds stacked against me," she said.

"I felt like all the extra time I had out there was a bonus and, for me, that’s what’s keeping me sane right now, knowing I was so close to winning half a million dollars."

Australian Survivor: All Stars airs Monday-Tuesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.