'No Crying In Survivor!': David Genat Reacts To His Emotional Immunity Win

While the Australian Survivor: All Stars have made a habit of watching the series from each other's homes -- self-isolation has changed things up a bit.

As Australia tuned in to see which contestants would make it to the final three, the Golden God treated his fans to a narration of the entire episode on Instagram Live.

But instead of sharing the couch with his Survivor buddies as he's done in the past, Dave beamed in mates Brooke Jowett and Luke Toki during the ad breaks to weigh in on the nail-biting immunity challenge.

Ahead of the gruelling obstacle course, we saw a rare moment of vulnerability from the Golden God -- who teared up explaining that he'd devoted his entire year to two seasons of Survivor for his family.

Image: Network 10.

"Physically, I’m a wreck. I’m hungry, I’m tired as, I’m sore, I’ve got a spider bite on my left butt cheek, I’ve never had my body feel like this ever before which is why I’m in such a dangerous position," he explained during the episode.

But Dave explained that he'd been pushing through his physical ailments and exhaustion from the competition for his sons, daughter and wife -- saying elimination was not an option after all he had sacrificed.

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‘That Meant More To Me Than Actual Money’: Brooke Exits All Stars Just Days Before The Finale

Brooke Jowett has become the 21st All Star to leave Australian Survivor after her impressive run of immunity wins came to an end.

"That’s basically my dream turned into a nightmare and that’s not a nightmare I’ll wake up from," he said.

Back in the future on his Instagram livestream -- and decked out in his best Survivor turban -- Dave reacted to the emotional moment.

Image: Network 10/Instagram.

"I’m getting a bit choked up!" he said to over a thousand followers who were watching the feed.

"No crying on Survivor guys, sorry!" he said, adding, "Is it weird if you're making yourself cry watching it?"

But before we could get too bogged down in our feelings, Dave invited Brooke and later, Luke, to the conversation, which quickly turned to Dave's fashion choices.

"Nice head piece, you muppet!" laughed Brooke from her home in Melbourne.

"What is on your head bro, you’re like Marge Simpson," laughed Luke from his car when he was added to the feed.

Images: Instagram.

As Jonathan announced he was off to count the votes at the final four tribal council, David explained that it was the tensest moment of the evening -- especially when you knew your name was on the chopping block.

Reacting in mock surprise when she was voted out, Dave congratulated Brooke for being a "total champion" throughout the 47 days.

Australian Survivor: All Stars airs Monday-Tuesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.