'It's Now!': Amanda Keller On The Moment DWTS Had To Cross To ScoMo's Presser

On Sunday night's episode of Dancing With The Stars, hosts Amanda Keller and Grant Denyer had to think on their feet when they were suddenly cut off in order to cross to Scott Morrison's press conference.

Speaking on Jonesy and Amanda on Monday morning, Amanda spoke about the huge affect the coronavirus outbreak has had on filming television -- particularly live shows like Dancing With The Stars.

"We thought not having an audience was going to be the big thing -- and it is strange, performing without an audience on a live show like that -- but then Christian Wilkinson and his dance partner Lily had to go into isolation, they tested negative to coronavirus," she explained, referring to the recommendation that the pair self-quarantine after Christian's father, entertainment reporter Richard Wilkinson, was diagnosed with the virus.



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Not able to leave their Melbourne hotel room, Amanda said that the dedicated pair were forced to practice their routine in their rooms and perform live on the rooftop of the hotel.

"There were remote cameras that had to be set up, clothes dropped off, they had to do their own makeup -- they just had to go for it on their own and the judges had to watch them dance on a monitor," she continued.

"I thought, 'well this is the weirdest thing this show could throw up!'"



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Amanda went on to explain that just before going to air, they were told that they might have to cross to a live press conference from Prime Minister Scott Morrison -- though they had no clue when exactly this would occur.

"We head on with the show... We go on to introduce Celia and her dance -- and seriously, it's as quick as this -- we hear, 'It's now!"

But, ever the pro, Amanda just shrugged off the unexpected moment, with her and Grant managing to pull it off pretty well.

"Live TV, you just have to go with it," she added.

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