Brooke Makes Australian Survivor History, Causes Fans To Break Down In Tears

Brooke Jowett has continued to dominate from the bottom of KaloKalo, despite being outnumbered 3-1.

After back-to-back victories against her tribe, Brooke couldn't afford to rest on her laurels, telling Jonathan LaPaglia that her only hope of survival was in keeping the game's most powerful piece of jewellery firmly in her possession.

After Tarzan noted that he was keen for his first immunity win of the series, Brooke piped up, "I think I need it more, Jonathan".

"I think the moment I lose this necklace is the moment I go to the jury," she said.

Image: Network 10.

Brooke has managed to outlast her alliance members including AK, Shonee and Harry but more importantly she's been outwitting and outplaying those opposed to her -- the tight alliance of Dave, Moana, Sharn and Tarzan.

After one pre-merge individual win and three post-merge victories, Brooke set her sights on securing another 24 hours away from Jury Villa.

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Nimbly high-stepping her way through a wobbly wooden structure, Brooke spelled out 'Australian Survivor All Stars' block by block, making steady progress as everyone else faltered, falling further and further behind.

Yet one wrong move would have destroyed Brooke's lead and right until the end, it was a nail-biting watch for all the Team Brooke viewers.

Ultimately, Brooke's win was a victory for everyone who has been self-isolating this week amid the coronavirus outbreak and really needed this kind of vicarious joy in their lives right now.

The triumph against all odds gave us all a moment of respite from the torrent of corona-related news and, like watching a romantic comedy in high altitude, the conditions were just right for a good cry.

Brooke's win places her in a very "exclusive" Australian Survivor club, and secured herself a comfortable seat at tribal, watching her opponents being forced to give Tarzan the boot from their alliance.

Brooke told 10 daily ahead of the premiere of All Stars that her new career as a fitness professional meant she was in the best shape of her life for the gruelling competition .

"I’ve been training so much over the last few years and I wanted to be able to see the difference," she explained.

As she sails into the top four, we're going to have to prepare a box of tissues if Brooke makes it four in a row -- because anything can happen on Survivor. 

Australian Survivor: All Stars airs Monday-Tuesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.