Gogglebox's Isabelle Silbery Calls Out The Need To Care For Elderly Amid Coronavirus Panic

The families reacted to the Prime Minister’s address to the nation where he spoke about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many of the Gogglebox households were initially confused to see Karl Stefanovic fronting A Current Affair after Tracy Grimshaw went into voluntary isolation following Rita Wilson using her dressing room.

But the realities of the coronavirus have hit much closer to home for one of the Gogglebox families in particular, the Silberys.

On Wednesday Isabelle Silbery posted in regards to he grandma Emily on Instagram.



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“We all need to protect not just ourselves, but our most vulnerable,” Isabelle wrote in the caption.

In this week’s episode the Silbery family spoke about their concerns for Em, who as a senior citizen is more vulnerable to the virus.

“I yell at her every time she touches something outside the house,” Kerry said.

“She screams at me,” Em agreed, “I’ll suffer from a nervous breakdown before corona,” she added, jokingly.

Though moods were light, things have become more severe and -- in a piece for Mamamia -- Isabelle explained that Em was hard hit by the recent panic-buying hitting supermarkets across Australia.

“Like many older people, she visits the supermarket every few days and buys just enough to carry home in her walker. She’s not on social media and rarely watches the news, so I had to explain people were losing their minds and over-buying in response to COVID-19,” she wrote.

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