‘Tonight, You Have A Choice’: Fiery Twist Almost Saved AK From Elimination

Aaron 'AK' Knight has become the 19th contestant voted off Australian Survivor: All Stars after a nail-biting tribal council.

The Accountant’s fate seemed to ping-pong back and forth between the prospect of him catching a miraculous break and absolute certainty that JLP would draw his name from the urn.

AK and Brooke were left reeling after their alliance was decimated by Sharn’s false promise that she’d assist in giving Dave the boot, with the barrister ultimately going on to send Shonee packing.

The Vakama Two knew their only chance was to win immunity and find a hidden idol to avoid joining their growing number of pals on the jury bench.

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She survived two trips to exile, carried out a phenomenal revenge plot and smiled her way through some very tricky tribal councils.

“I’m not even going to bother socialising, strategising,” Brooke whispered to AK, completely fed up with their lowly position in the tribe. “There’s no way she’s working with us and if she says she is, I don’t believe her,” she added, referring to Sharn.

The rest of the episode was set to test our shaky nerves -- these are the moments that we thought were about to throw the underdogs a well-deserved bone.

Moana Begins Sowing The Seeds Of Doubt Between Sharn And David

Mo begins gently stirring the pot. Image: Network 10.

Viewing Sharn as someone she’d like to take to top two, Moana decided to put some work in what we thought could cause a potential fissure in their solid alliance -- especially if Dave found out what they were chatting about.

Mo slyly mentioned Dave’s last remaining idol, letting Sharn know that he'd been deceptive and that she was the last of the alliance to know about its existence.

After A Shaky Start, It Looked Like AK Could Win Immunity

The puzzle master at work. Image: Network 10.

While AK fell far behind KaloKalo when facing his fear of heights in the immunity challenge obstacle course, by the time he reached the puzzle, it actually looked like he could succeed.

While Dave, Mo and Tarzan struggled with the word scramble and Sharn was still throwing her monkey fist, puzzle master AK started shifting his wooden blocks around. Out of nowhere, Brooke followed and quickly formed the correct words, ‘Another Day In The Game’.

While proud of Brooke, AK looked absolutely broken as he realised, in tears, that his immunity loss would most definitely cost him a spot in the final five.

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The Idol Hunt That Held So Much Promise

Surely Moana could have just jumped over the water? image: Network 10.

With Moana on his tail, AK decided the only way to give her the slip was to throw the KaloKalo well over, creating a river between him and his annoying shadow. As a frustrated Moana ran back to report on the “immature” move, AK ran through the forest looking for a lifeline.

Call us naive but there was something about the urgency, the music and the fact we really wanted him to find one that made us think AK was about to pull a rabbit out of his hat (or an old log).

The Golden God’s Promise

Like Julius Caesar considering sparing the life of one of his subjects. Image: Network 10.

Tagging in for babysitting duty to ensure the Vakama Two didn’t find an idol, Dave asked how Brooke and AK would be voting and then agreed he’d join them in blowing up his alliance and voting out Sharn.

Again, we know we shouldn’t have trusted that Dave was being legit, but it seemed like a glimmer of hope at the eleventh hour.

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“Tonight, You Have A Choice”

The second fire-making challenge we've seen on All Stars. Image: Network 10.

Right after Jonathan fetched the urn and it looked like it was business as usual, he proffered a tantalising option to anyone who was concerned they were mere minutes from having their torch snuffed.

“I can read the votes like I normally would and someone goes home or, if you think you might be the person going home tonight, you can take your own game into your own hands and compete in a trial by fire," he said.

JLP explained that it would involve a fire-making challenge against another tribemate (who would incur no penalty if they lost) either chosen unanimously or decided by rocks -- a challenge AK quickly accepted.

Image: Network 10.

The majority alliance attempted to put forward Sharn as his opponent but Brooke firmly refused, instead insisting that it should be Moana -- although we’re not exactly sure why because the former AFLW player had just recently made fire under pressure to escape Exile.

For a few minutes, it looked like it was anyone’s fire -- but Mo’s twine burnt through first and AK became the sixth member of the jury.

Devastating as it was to see AK leave Brooke all alone, at least there was finally a conclusion to the rollercoaster episode and the prospect that the jury is getting stacked with a lot of very salty jurors.

Australian Survivor: All Stars airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.