The Bittersweet Moment That Had An Emotional AK In Tears

Aaron 'AK' Knight was a ball of mixed emotions after a physically and emotionally gruelling immunity challenge.

It was already set to be a high-stakes affair with AK and Brooke desperately needing the win to continue on in the game against the four-strong alliance of David, Moana, Tarzan and Sharn.

In an ocean and land-based obstacle course, Brooke and David Genat led the pack in a race that involved a swimming sprint, a ropes course and a terrifying vertical drop before the contestants had to unravel a rope attached to a monkey fist.

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Moving on to the beach, the players had to use their rope as a lasso in an attempt to snag the monkey fist and drag their satchel of puzzle towards them.

A long way down. Image: Network 10.

AK had been in last position but was moving steadily through the course until he reached the intimidating part of the course that combined his two biggest fears -- heights and water.

Stalled at the top of the ladder, AK was frozen not with exhaustion, as JLP first thought, but fear.

"No, f*** that, I don't want to jump," he shook his head.

Image: Network 10.

It was only three minutes that AK remained still before making the leap -- but it seemed like an eternity and would ultimately cost him precious time at the puzzle board.

Brooke, meanwhile, who had lost her lead struggling to latch her monkey fist onto the target finally dragged her puzzle clues towards her, catching up with Moana, Tarzan and Dave who were all stumped by the tricky letter scramble which ended up spelling, 'Another day in the game'.

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Running on pure adrenaline and tapping into her anagram solving skills, Brooke smashed piece after piece into the right spot, blitzing the phrase to win her second individual immunity in a row and saving her from heading straight to the jury.

While Brooke was ecstatic, there was clearly a sombre mood in the group -- frustration from the majority alliance and utter despair from AK who saw the writing on the wall.

“AK, you’re clearly emotional right now, what’s going through your head,” JLP asked.

Image: Network 10.

“Mate, I’m just happy for Brooke, I want to celebrate Brooke right now,” he said, as his last remaining alliance member gave him a hug.

JLP sensed the reason that AK had gotten teary, asking: “Are you worried that this is it?”

Choking up, AK turned around unable to speak, with the Accountant sensing this was the end of his All Stars journey.

While AK was immensely proud of Brooke, he knew that, had she not won immunity, it would be her name coming up at tribal, not his.

And despite a promise from later David that he’d join the pair in giving Sharn the boot, it was AK whose fate was hanging in the balance at tribal, eventually heading home after an unsuccessful fire-making challenge against Moana.

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