The New Hack That Lets You Watch Netflix With All Your Friends While Self-Isolating

While the spread of coronavirus is temporarily shutting down cinemas around the globe, there’s still a way you can watch your favourite films and TV shows with a bunch of friends -- without the risk of infection.

A new web extension called Netflix Party allows you to host your own private cinema session and watch a synced-up movie with all your mates -- no matter where they are in the world -- as you hunker down in self-isolation.

There’s also a chatroom feature which means, instead of loudly whispering that you don’t understand a confusing plot, you can incessantly type all your thoughts out in a column just to the side of the screen.

The feature seems to have been gathering popularity as friends and family members practice social distancing and self-isolation but crave the experience of communal viewing.

Viewers have also been putting the call out to like-minded film fans around the world to join their party sessions, which definitely makes it feel like we're heading back to the days of MSN messenger, but with a massive tech upgrade.



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How To Get The Party Started

Image: Netflix Party.
  1. Download the  Netflix Party Extension (only available on Chrome) and tell you friends to do the same.
  2. Come to an agreement on what you'll all be watching.
  3. Click the NP button in the top right-hand corner of your browser.
  4. Decide whether you want to hog the remote or make it available to anyone who joins your party.
  5. Copy the URL and share with your mates.

Netflix Party isn't affiliated with Netflix itself and the startup is currently running a Patreon page to help fund features they're hoping to roll out including an inbuilt voice chat and the ability to expand to other TV sites.

While Netflix Party would probably have been popular pre-coronavirus, it's going to be a lifeline for friends and family around the world who can still sit down and watch and film together.

Main Image: Netflix.