‘It Still Does Not Compute’: The Queen Dethroned After Sharn Backflips On Her Promise To Shonee

She survived two trips to exile, carried out a phenomenal revenge plot and smiled her way through some very tricky tribal councils.

Sadly for Shonee, it was Sharn’s word that eventually was her undoing after the criminal barrister backtracked on her promise to vote alongside Brooke, AK and Shonee after they helped oust Jacqui.

Heading into tribal, Shonee admitted she wasn’t 100 percent confident they had Sharn onside after she had been “flip-flopping the entire season” and pulling out of moves.

“I was trying to think from her point of view and, if I was her, the smartest move would be to take out Dave, the leader of their alliance,” Shonee told 10 daily.

“Why wouldn’t she want to vote out Dave?”

With Brooke winning individual immunity, Shonee said “no one was interested in voting out AK” so it only left herself and Dave with targets on their backs. With Moana and Tarzan firmly in Dave’s corner, it all came down to Sharn.

“The fact that Sharn stuck with Dave… it still does not compute in my mind,” Shonee said.

“I don’t understand why everyone wants to keep him in the game. Why would you want to go up against the absolute best player? I don’t want to go up against Dave and I feel like I had a really good résumé,” she added.

“The fact that he had two idols and no opportunity to use them because no one is coming for him except for the minority is insane! Imagine having that problem,” Shonee said, laughing.

One opportunity Dave saw to use one of his many idols was during Monday’s tribal council where the even split of eight saw a deadlock vote between Jacqui and Moana.

Perhaps not sensing he was at risk, but rather preempting the move to go to rocks, Dave used one of his idols for Tarzan meaning only four were at risk.

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‘Sharn Holds All The Cards’: But Which Game Is She Actually Playing?

Crown prosecutor and former Australian Survivor runner up Sharn Coombes is certainly playing an interesting game -- but no one’s really sure if it’s the rules of poker, blackjack or snap that she’s following.

Knowing what she knows now, Shonee admitted she wondered if she should have just approached going to rocks with a solid ‘Meh!’.

“Maybe I should have taken the risk, but Dave playing the idol for Tarzan really made the odds worse for us. It would have been a 75 percent chance Brooke, myself or AK would be leaving.

“It was Dave taking control of the game once again.”

One of the reasons why Sharn’s move baffles Shonee is because Dave isn’t just a brilliant player to watch as a fan, even on the beach of KaloKalo, you can feel how strong of a player he is.

“Dave definitely feels like a dangerous player,” Shonee said, “All you have to do is spend an afternoon watching him and you can see exactly what he’s doing. He’ll pull people away one at a time so there’s never witnesses to his conversations.

“I wasn’t on Dave’s tribe to begin with but I was shocked that he was in an alliance with his whole tribe. It’s just crazy to watch that back and think how did no one cotton-on to this! He’s the best player.”

While Dave is constantly making moves two or three steps ahead of everyone else, Sharn’s promise to work with Shonee’s alliance, then her immediate backflip “left a very bad taste in three people’s mouths”.

A fan favourite before she had even been announced as part of the All Stars line-up, Shonee said she never felt like she was being underestimated in terms of overall gameplay, except when it came to the debates of “keeping the tribe strong”.

After making merge Shonee won two out of the first three individual immunities, proving the naysayers -- whose torches had long been snuffed out -- exactly why she was still on that beach.

“I just loved showing people that you don’t need to be an Olympian to play this game. People at home… if they tried to tread water for over two hours, they probably could do it. You just need to give it a red hot crack, you know?

“I go into every challenge thinking, oh my god Shonee you’ve got this babe, you can do this,” she said. “Sometimes I’m like a cockroach on my back and can’t get over that little hurdle on a rope, other times I’m like just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.”

When Shonee got to Vakama she said she got the opportunity to show how strong of a player she was, not just in the physical side of things.

“I got to prove that you don’t need massive muscles to play this game, sometimes all you need is a good personality.”

When it was suggested she was a ‘master of the social game’, she wryly responded, “I agree” before explaining the most simple trick to getting people onside.

“Everyone wants to talk about themselves most of the time, so just being interested and asking loads of questions,” Shonee explained.

“Before you know it, they’ll be talking for half an hour and they leave the conversation thinking, ‘Wow! Shonee’s so nice to be around’ when in reality I’ve just allowed them to speak about themselves for a long time and that’s what people love!”

Shonee admitted she found returning to All Stars more difficult than Season 3, getting used to going to sleep without brushing her teeth, the cold and settling in to a “new unhygienic routine”, but she did so with an unwavering smile.

“The first time you’re like, ‘This is so exciting! Oh wow! A torch!’ and the second time you’re just like ‘Ugh, this torch is so heavy’. I woke up on day two and was like, how did I do this for 47 days?

“I’m such a happy-go-lucky person and when life gets you down I’m always going to make the most of a bad situation,” she added. “I think when you are in a situation when you have hardly any food and it’s freezing cold… who wouldn’t want to hang out with me? I’m fun!”

Though many fans will be distraught at Shonee not making it to the final tribal council, she’s still smiling and planning her next big move... to get on The Amazing Race.

“I have been talking about this all day,” she said. “Can we do a peaceful protest to get this to happen?”

Saying that she has “always wanted to go on The Amazing Race so badly” Shonee made her plans known:

“Let's all get into sundresses, we’ll get some hair clips and maybe some bucket hats and all go for a peaceful protest. Make it be known!”

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