Australia Is Feeling Emo-Shon-Al After Shonee's Survivor Exit

The social butterfly and conversational queen of Australian Survivor has been voted out of All Stars -- and her subjects are not amused.

In her trademark red floral dress and trove of accessories, Shonee Fairfax continued her reign from season three as the player that viewers identified with the most.

Shonee was often underestimated for her easy-breezy approach to the game but wiped the smile off her enemies' faces when she casually won immunity challenges, leaving everyone else in the dust.

Image: Network 10.

She shrugged and attributed her winning balancing skills to Pilates in one challenge, and her penchant for social swimming when she managed to tread water longer than any other All Stars contestant under teeth-chattering-ly chilly conditions.

The Dalmatian-loving player also crawled her way out of a dire position in her original tribe and went on to orchestrate a string of vengeful blindsides against Abbey Holmes, Lydia Lassila and John Eastoe.

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She survived two trips to exile, carried out a phenomenal revenge plot and smiled her way through some very tricky tribal councils.

It's fair to say that Australia is now in mourning for Shonee Fairfax, the 18th player to leave the game.

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At least we can look forward to Shonee's entry into tribal council tomorrow night, taking her spot on the jury where she'll no doubt serve us up a healthy amount of Shonee justice.

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