‘Sharn Holds All The Cards’: But Which Game Is She Actually Playing?

Crown prosecutor and former Australian Survivor runner up Sharn Coombes is certainly playing an interesting game -- but no one’s really sure if it’s the rules of poker, blackjack or snap that she’s following.

Sharn has managed to weave her way through the game as a swing voter between alliances, making plenty of promises along the way that she knows she can’t, or won’t, keep.

After her stellar courtroom performance that convinced AK, Brooke and Shonee to avoid going to rocks for Jacqui, Sharn swore on her life that if they agreed, this would be the beginning of a beautiful friendship and she’d turn her back on Mo, Tarzan and David.

But remember, this was mere moments after she’d specifically mouthed to Tarzan to, “Vote for Mo” in a chaotic last minute attempt to perhaps avoid the backlash from one half of her alliance’s leadership team.

When Jacqui packed her bags and left tribal council (but not before breathing a pointed, “thanks, Sharn”) it seemed as though the Vakama Three had finally caught a break and had added a powerful new member to their alliance.

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As KaloKalo returned home, Sharn put in some face time with her old friends -- assuring Dave, Tarz and Mo that she’d just executed a devious monologue while giggling with Brooke, AK and Shonee that, after 40 days, she was the fourth member of their alliance.

“It would kinda be like bad blood if she was stringing us along,” Shonee later reasoned to Brooke.

While everyone seemed to lap up her firm assurances, Tarzan remained sceptical, even though he remarked to Sharn: “You put on your wig and went for it” of her performance -- possibly one of his greatest one-liners, albeit not what he was really thinking.

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After Brooke earned herself immunity, narrowly beating David -- it seemed as though Sharn was on board with the Vakama Three to finally knock the Golden God off his perch, with everyone sure that he’d used up his last idol.

“I am confident tonight that Sharn is with us,” said Shonee. “We’ve been talking for days about how we want to get Dave out and tonight is the perfect opportunity.”

Tarzan wisely expressed concern to Dave that he was “vulnerable” at the next tribal, and Dave decided to show his alliance the piece of jewellery he’s had in his hands for weeks now and then decided to do something that could have blown up in his face -- he flashed his precious jewellery at Sharn.

Intended as both an assurance of his loyalty and a firm threat that he would not be going home that night, Sharn explained in a confessional that she saw right through the transparent conversation, reasoning that he wouldn’t actually play it at tribal.

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“Tonight, I’m ready to make one of my power moves in this game,” she promised.

Dave, fully aware that Sharn might still go either way, mulled his plan over.

"Sharn holds all the cards," he said, adding that he didn't really want to leave the game with an idol in hand, again.

While debate moved fiercely back and forth between the two alliances with Sharn in the middle at tribal, we were still convinced that Sharn would take a swing at the Big Dog (God), a move she’s been thinking about for a while.

So we were completely flummoxed when it was Shonee -- and not Dave -- who garnered more votes, leaving Brooke and AK high and dry.

As the credits rolled, we heard Sharn’s reasoning for eventually writing down Shon’s name.

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“You are one fierce competitor and I’m voting for you because I need Dave in this game, he is my shield and I’m going to take him to the end,” she said.

Which is a ballsy statement because nobody can deny that Dave’s CV is filled with season’s worth of huge moves, forward thinking, challenge wins and idol finds.

But, at the moment, it seems that Sharn’s unpredictability -- and tendency to make the right decision at the 11th hour -- has been a winning strategy for her thus far.

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