‘Gobsmacked’: Jacqui Leaves All Stars After History-Making Episode Of Australian Survivor

Jacqui Patterson has become the 17th contestant to exit All Stars, leaving the competition in a scenario that has never been seen on Australian Survivor.

After 39 days of loyalty to her alliance that included Moana, Tarzan, David and Sharn, Jacqui made the bold decision to flip and orchestrate her first blindside of the game, ousting Zach from KaloKalo.

The move ruffled a few feathers and meant that Jacqui hopped over to join the Vakama Three (AK, Brooke and Shonee) splitting the tribe evenly into two groups of four and opening up the possibility of a stalemate at tribal and subsequent drawing of rocks -- one of the game’s most unpredictable tiebreakers.

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After two draws in the tribal council vote, KaloKalo entered the high-stakes game of chicken with Crown Prosecutor Sharn managing to talk the Vakamans away from risking their own spots in the game just to save Jacqui, who picked up her torch after a unanimous vote was eventually reached.

Speaking to 10 daily after her unusual, but action-packed exit from the game, Jacqui laughed.

“Bangedy, bang, bang, toots! You’d rather go out like that, wouldn’t you?” she said.

The morning after the Zach blindside, Jacqui was all smiles. Image: Network 10.

“There’s always an element of, ‘Woulda, coulda, shoulda’ but I think that’s for 23 of us,” she reasoned, adding, “but look, it is what it is and it was quite unusual the way I went out so I’m happy it wasn’t a yawning and boring tribal.”

Jacqui was a bolted-on member of the alliance first forged by Mat Rogers, never budging from the sides of Tarzan and Moana but she explained that as the tribe grew smaller and smaller, it was time to start writing out her own impressive CV.

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“It’s such a correct timing type of game, Survivor, so you want to think,' I want to play big and I want to play hard', but there’s always the risk of getting booted early,” she told 10 daily.

“I think you then realise that you’re at the bottom of the food chain of your alliance and it’s sort of like, ‘I’ve got to make a move here, make some decisions and start playing my game as a single entity as opposed to six or seven in an alliance.”

Jacqui's final reward challenge on All Stars. Network 10.

Jacqui made no secrets to her old alliance that she wanted Zach gone from KaloKalo -- a move that actually worked for Mo while keeping her hands clean -- but for Tarzan and David it meant that she’d suddenly become an unpredictable element in their game.

She said that the Golden God approached her after she helped get rid of his right-hand man and said “You’re in trouble, girl” but Jacqui remained courageous, ready to forge ahead with a target on her back.

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“I sort of think everyone was so frightened of Dave and I thought, ‘This game needs to be turned on its head’ because, who wants a boring Survivor: All Stars?”

For a brief moment, Jacqui was the Golden Goddess. Image: Network 10.

Tribal that evening was anything but boring, with the prospect of rocks exciting for those potentially on the chopping block and terrifying for players like Sharn who haven’t accounted for a game of Russian roulette in their strategy.

“Shonee and Brooke and AK said, ‘We’ve got nothing to lose, we’re going to rocks, right? So I was thinking, great, we’re going to go to rocks,” Jacqui told 10 daily.

“I think we were all a bit gobsmacked when that possibility was coming about and I think the realisation of those three thinking, ‘Well, shit, we could go home'.”

The rules of Survivor are such that -- after two tied voting sessions -- the tribe must either agree unanimously on a name, or draw from a bag of rocks. The two players who were just on the chopping block are immune, as well as anyone with individual immunity.

Don't mind Jacqui! Image: Network 10.

With David’s success at the last challenge, and his decision to play his hidden immunity idol for Tarzan -- suddenly the odds of selecting a coloured rock were much higher with just AK, Brooke, Shonee and Sharn in the mix.

“And Sharn being a criminal barrister, she gave a great little speech to them and unfortunately, Moana and I weren’t really sure if we could defend ourselves, which was a shame because, the next minute, I’m walking out the door,” said Jacqui.

The US version of Survivor has seen players go to the unusual tiebreaker just three times across forty seasons, and Jacqui was unaware whether she could put up a fight during the proceedings.

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“I was stupidly giving her [Sharn] the respect and letting her speak and I’m sitting right there -- I just hope I don’t come across as a dumb arse,” she said.

“I think at one stage I said, ‘Don’t believe her, don’t believe her’ and Jonathan kept saying to us, ‘Speak up, speak up’ because he couldn’t hear her,” Jacqui explained.

While AK was keen to roll the dice, Brooke and Shonee were eventually convinced and Jacqui had no choice but to pick up her torch and head over to Jonathan.

“It’s funny when you think your torch is going to get snuffed, you think, I’ll go out and be a really good sport and I’ll hug everyone and leave on a good note.

"But you’re that gobsmacked and pissed off, you just go, ‘Stuff you!’” she laughed.

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