'That Is A No Brainer': Lisa Wilkinson's Plea To Supermarket Bosses

Lisa Wilkinson has made an impassioned plea to Australian shoppers and supermarket bosses amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Wilkinson urged the community to remember those who need extra support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Images of people physically attacking each other over rolls of toilet paper would have been simply unimaginable just a few weeks ago," she said, adding that recent visits to the supermarket have been a case of "survival of the fittest".



Woolworths, IGA Introduce Shopping Hour For Elderly To Combat Coronavirus Panic Buying

Woolworths and some IGA stores have introduced dedicated time to help the elderly and people with disabilities cope with unprecedented demand brought on by coronavirus panic shopping.

Wilkinson pointed out that "those at the greatest risk" of contracting coronavirus are "the elderly, the weak, the vulnerable" and called for a change in the way supermarkets are currently operating, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Image: Network 10.

"They will be feeling very scared right now and we need to put plans in place to make sure they’re not left behind.

"Supermarket bosses, can I suggest you leave that first hour of trading each day for the elderly or those with disabilities -- or those that can prove they are shopping for them," Wilkinson requested.

"That is a no brainer."

Wilkinson then turned her attention to members of the population who may have collected more food and household items than needed and highlighted the importance of sharing resources with members of the community who are in need.

"For the rest of us, if you have more than you can personally use from those supermarket shops, think about donating it to someone you know who may have been forgotten in all of this panic, maybe even a refuge in your area," she asked. 

Wilkinson added that the very best of Australian society was showcased during the recent bushfire crisis.

"The true test of a society and who we are as a people is how we respond in a crisis -- just weeks ago, we saw so many acts of kindness during the bushfires.

"We know what we are capable of, now is the time to prove there’s no limit to our generosity. Now is the time to prove no matter how hard things get, none of us, especially not the vulnerable, will be left behind."

Main Image: Network 10.