'Made Me A Stronger Person': Chloe Lattanzi Gracefully Bows Out Of Dancing With The Stars

Chloe Lattanzi and her professional dance partner Gustavo Viglio have taken their last twirl around the dancefloor.

Their Ancient Egyptian-inspired paso doble earned 7s across the board from the three judges (and guest judge Courtney Act) and they scored solid marks for their drag performance on Team Craig, but it wasn't enough to save them from elimination.

Landing in the bottom two with Ed Kavalee and Jorja Freeman, Chloe and Gustavo danced their final cha cha together in a bid to be saved by the judges but both Tristan Macmanusand Sharna Burgess said Ed's lines were much stronger.

Chloe accepted the news graciously, and said the experience has "helped her so much and made me a stronger person".

"I have many more things I can do now because of this show," she added.

Chloe's final individual performance. Image: Network 10.

Besides departing the competition, another downside of the evening was that -- with an audience-free studio, thanks to COVID-19-- Chloe's biggest cheerleader, her mother Olivia Newton-John, wasn't sitting front row like she usually is.

The Grease star and dancing queen has been a constant presence on the show and has talked at length about how proud she is of her daughter for facing her fears.

The singer-songwriter captivated the audience with her willingness to be vulnerable on the dance floor, while at the same time mastering the technical aspects of each dance style she performed.  

Image: Network 10.

Chloe noted ahead of the season premiere that dancing was in her blood, as the daughter of Newton-John and former professional dancer, Matt Lattanzi 

But Chloe’s appearance on Dancing With The Stars was about stepping out of her famous parents’ shadows and showing off her immense talent and work ethic to the whole country.  

Image: Network 10.

Chloe and Gustavo kicked off the season with a dreamy foxtrot to Sara Bareilles “Love Song”, which earned them an 18 from the judges.

The following week they brought an energetic Charleston to the dance floor and Craig bestowed his first “Fab-u-lous” of the season on the near-flawless execution of Gustavo’s choreography.  

Week 3 saw Chloe opening up about the effect her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis had on her and danced to celebrate the breakthroughs she made with herself in 2019.  



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The house band is pumped up, Courtney Act is back and the judges are ready to hit the dancefloor.

Chloe’s work ethic took a physical toll the following week, with the singer nursing a rib injury that made rehearsal for her Argentine tango and her starring role in the group paso doble extremely painful.

With support from Gustavo, Chloe completed her performances with a smile and was completely unfazed after receiving lower scores than usual.  

Image: Network 10.

The rest of the season saw Chloe and Gustavo's friendship go from strength to strength, with the singer introducing him to her beloved rescue pups on Skype during their last rehearsal.

We're sad to see Chloe leave the comp prematurely but we're glad her second last dance on the show saw her dressed as a gorgeously cartoonish cloud of soap bubbles.

Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.