Dancing With The Stars 2020: How The Stars Scored During The First Audience-Free Night

The house band is pumped up, Courtney Act is back and the judges are ready to hit the dancefloor.

The only thing missing from the magical Dancing With The Stars live show is the audience with the seats behind Tristan Macmanus, Sharna Burgess and Craig Revel Horwood conspicuously empty and the sounds of applause a little more muted than usual.

But as Amanda Keller pointed out, amidst the coronavirus outbreak, safety is paramount so for the first time in the show's history, the celebs are dancing without their legions of fans in the studio.



'Operation Dance Like No-One's Watching': How DWTS Will Be A Little Bit Different Tonight

It's set to be a huge night on the dancefloor with Craig, Sharna and Tristan showing us their moves and Courtney Act joining the judging panel.

Celia Pacquola and Jarryd Byrne

We're definitely back in the roaring '20s! Image: Network 10.

The dance: The Charleston

The lowdown: "If there was a crowd here, they would be standing on their feet and cheering," Courtney Act said, adding that the performance was "magical". Craig said the dance had phenomenal characterisation, before describing it as "grotesque" which is apparently a Charleston compliment, who knew?

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 9, Sharna Burgess: 10, Courtney Act: 10, Tristan Macmanus: 9 for a total of 38/40. 



Dancing With The Stars 2020: Ed Kavalee Danced For A Stunned Katy Perry

While he celebrated Jorja Appreciation Week (JAWs for short), last week Ed Kavalee was showing off his DWTS skills in front of a pop superstar.

Ed Kavalee and Jorja Freeman

Ed's cyborg has come to life! Image: Network 10.

The dance: The tango

The lowdown: Ed announced that he would be honouring Jorja Appreciation Week (JAW) in honour of his professional dance partner's hard work in getting them so far in the competition.

The couple danced as a mad scientist and some kind of cyborg monster (in heels, of course) who murders her creator at the end of the routine. Courtney said she was having a "Jorja appreciation life", saying she was mesmerised by her "sexy, gold C3PO fembot" look.

Craig said the "top line was very hunched" and then ~revelled~ in the fact that there was no crowd to boo his mean remarks.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 6, Sharna Burgess: 8, Courtney Act: 9, Tristan Macmanus: 8 for a total of 31/40. 

Claudia Karvan and Aric Yegudkin

A contemporary dip in a visceral performance. Image: Network 10.

The dance: Contemporary

The lowdown: Claudia noted that the style of dance was going to be both challenging and exciting -- stripping things back to basics for an electrifying storyline between two lovers.

"Fun, visceral, emotional," is how Clauds described the dance post-performance and the routine scored her praise from all four judges.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 8, Sharna Burgess: 9, Courtney Act: 9, Tristan Macmanus: 8 for a total of 34/40. 

Christian Wilkins And Lily Cornish

They speak no Americano! Image: Network 10.

The dance: The quickstep

The lowdown: A fun and floaty quickstep to Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP's "We Speak No Americano" was described by Christian as "skipping through time" and

Craig got booed by the crew for describing some parts as "wobbly" but otherwise had plenty of praise for Christian and Lily's quickstep. Sharna said the couple were practically gliding across the dancefloor and Courtney gave the routine a standing ovation.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 8, Sharna Burgess: 9, Courtney Act: 9, Tristan Macmanus: 8  for a total of 34/40. 

Chloe Lattanzi and Gustavo Viglio

Queen Chloe and King Gustavo. Image: Network 10.

The dance: The paso doble

The lowdown: After a rejuvenating Skype with her pups in the United States, Chloe got stuck into rehearsal for the couple's fierce paso routine. Chloe and Gustavo presented the story of Ancient Egyptian royalty and Chloe noted that she was a different person since embarking on this dance journey.

Courtney said the couple danced like a "beautiful Egyptian sandwich" and Craig gave the routine a solid "well done" and a very respectable 7.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 7, Sharna Burgess: 7, Courtney Act: 7, Tristan Macmanus:7  for a total of 28/40. 

Dami Im and Shae Mountain

Dami's paso earned a respectable 22. Image: Network 10.

The dance: The paso doble

The lowdown: Dami said she was fired up after landing in the bottom two last week and was determined to give the paso her everything.

Courtney wanted more emotion from the Eurovision queen, but the judges agreed that the routine was a huge improvement from the week before. Sharna said she wanted Dami to step it up tenfold to stick around until next week.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 4, Sharna Burgess: 6, Courtney Act: 6, Tristan Macmanus: 6 for a total of 22/40. 

Team Sharna - Celia Pacquola, Claudia Karvan

Charlie's Angels meets the Matrix. Image: Network 10.

The lowdown: The girls called their sultry performance that featured a giant birdcage, Polly Does Not Want A Cracker and the gang gained solid comments from Tristan, Courtney, and Craig who remarked that it was "ah-maz-ing".

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 9, Courtney Act: 10, Tristan Macmanus: 9 for a total of 28/30. 

Team Tristan - Ed Kavalee, Dami Im

A big ol' love in. Image: Network 10.

The lowdown: The second Beatles song to be used this evening, the celebs danced with Tristan in comfy onesies to "All You Need Is Love" in a performance that included dance as well as conversation and confetti.

The gals soon ditched their loungewear for cocktail dresses and Tristan directed the gang on the dancefloor for a loved up twirl around the dancefloor.

Sharna said it was truly a "lovefest" that saw her smiling the whole time, even if it didn't come together conceptually. Courtney said it was a "wonderful performance" and congratulated Tristan for showing his "camp Willy Wonka/dancing teacher" side of his personality.

Craig said it was a "big, warm hug" that would bring the community together.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 8, Courtney Act: 9, Sharna Burgess: 9 for a total of 26/30. 

Team Craig - Chloe Lattanzi, Christian Wilkins

Image: Network 10.

The lowdown: "Anything less than fab-u-lous is not acceptable," Craig warned his team of celebs and professional dancers during rehearsal.

And we're not sure if that was EVER an option because the gang stormed the stage in full drag and sky-high heels to "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough), a duet by none other than Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer.

Courtney accused Craig of pandering to her as a guest judge but didn't care because she LOVED it. Tristan said

The scores: Courtney Act: 9,  Tristan Macmanus: 8, Sharna Burgess: 9 for a total of 26/30. 

The state of things after the group dances and before the audience votes were tallied. Image: Network 10.

Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.