Moana Hope's Emotional Battle To Get Back Into All Stars

After being blindsided in a vote that saw her sent to exile beach, Moana wasn't going to give up without a proper fight.

As Jonathan explained, the six castaways sent to exile beach would have two opportunities where three of them could win their way back to Kalo Kalo and would join Tarzan, David and Sharn as immune from that tribal council vote.

In the first challenge Moana, Zach, Brooke, Shonee and AK had to create a pole out of sticks to retrieve some flint. From there, the first two to make a fire big enough to burn through a rope would win their way off exile.

Very quickly Mo leapt ahead of the competition and before anyone else had even managed to get their flint, had burned through her rope securing herself a place back in the game.

Overwhelmed, Mo fell to the floor in tears, "That's for you Vinny and Belle," she said, dedicating her win to her wife and sister.

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Australian Survivor All Stars: Moana Hope's Emotional Battle To Get Back Into All Stars
After smashing her way through a fire-making challenge, Moana was overwhelmed with emotion. Photo: Network 10.

Later, she explained her emotional response to winning the challenge was in part due to her inexperience with working with flint, as well as the support she knew she had with her.

"I didn't do it alone," she told Jonathan after the challenge. "I know these guys were great but I know my dad was with me so, it's a bit emotional for me."

Later, Mo said, "I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders."

Back at Kalo Kalo Mo said she "almost had a panic attack" before the challenge, considering she had never held flint before. Feeling very underprepared to be going up against other castaways with tons of campfires under their belts, it seemed something was on Mo's side. 

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"Something came over me and I felt like maybe that was my dad," she told her tribemates.

"I just felt his presence over me to just block out my anxiety, it was just so overwhelming."

This isn't the first time Mo has become emotional thinking about her family back home while in the game. After receiving letters from home, seeing a picture Vinny drew her, left her in tears.

"Every day I think about family but I've been just trying to block out that emotion," she admitted. "As soon as I've seen that picture from Vinny, my little was just an emotional reminder as to why I'm here and why I've got to keep going."

In a nail-biting finish, Brooke and Zach were just milliseconds apart finishing the challenge, with the former joining Mo back in the game.

Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.