'You're A Legend, Brother': How Dave Convinced Zach To Sacrifice Himself To The Survivor Gods

David Genat knows that Australian Survivor is all about working smart -- not working hard.

While the Golden God could have survived a trip to Exile Beach and then easily scored himself a spot back on KaloKalo -- why do that kind of heavy lifting when there's an easier option to hand?

After Brooke, AK and Moana headed to Exile Beach, the remaining majority alliance had to figure out which three of their so-called chums they'd be sending along to the cursed location next.

After Sharn scored herself an immunity win, it was Dave, Jacqui, Tarzan, Shonee and Zach who were in the mix for a ticket to Exile.

Of course, Shonee's status in the minority alliance with AK and Brooke meant that writing her name down was a no brainer. But the remaining two votes were set to cause friction among KaloKalo and expose an unspoken -- but very real -- pecking order.

Mmm probably not, though. Image: Network 10.

Immediately, Dave set about working on an ingenious plan -- incepting an idea into Zach's mind that would convince him of the wonderful benefits of offering himself up as a sacrificial Exile lamb.

"Zach might be one of the largest human beings I've ever seen in my entire life," David explained in a confessional.

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"Which is great, because that means he's going to win these challenges in Exile and then we've got the pick of the Vakama alliance to send someone home," he reasoned.

The Golden God explained that his game plan would involve appealing to the former Gladiator's ego and his "sense of being a hero".

"This would be the ultimate move for anyone that backs themselves in a challenge," Dave said.

Image: Network 10.

He later took a walk with Zach and complimented his ally's strength and agility and position as a challenge threat.

"Are you good to go?" Dave challenged him, seemingly daring him to refuse.

Hesitating at first and rightfully reasoning that no-one wants to end up on Exile, Zach was finally worn down by Dave's extremely dangerous communication skills.

"It would look sick on my resume and I'm pretty confident I can beat 'em," he shrugged.

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Dave's cherry on top of this bitter deal was promising Zach that he'd play his idol for him in a second if things get hairy and he doesn't earn his way back into the game.

Following the immunity challenge that was won by Sharn, Dave continued to work on his loyal ally, ensuring he was 100 percent pumped about going to Exile.

"We want to send our strongest team to Exile and really make it difficult for Vakama to get back into this game so we're sending in an Exile hit squad," Zach said, dutifully reading the script that David wrote for him.

Image: Network 10.

But it doesn't even matter if Zach successfully claws his way out of Exile because it's actually not an impressive feat to feature on your Survivor CV if you're completing the stay under someone else's orders.

As Sharn also mentioned during the episode, Exile is having "one foot out the door" and creates some pretty powerful imagery that you're one of the least important members of your alliance.

Everyone should know by now that David's Survivor mind is constantly buzzing with ideas to mitigate future problems and to clear himself a path through the jungle to the sole survivor throne with his imaginary chainsaw.

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Don't forget, the Golden God orchestrated Daisy's blindside and flushed Brooke's idol the same night. The latter move wasn't strictly necessary in the moment, especially seeing as Brooke was in his alliance at the time, but David's risk management plan doesn't allow for any cracks in his game.

AK, Brooke, Moana, Shonee, Zach and Jacqui won't be getting too comfortable over on Exile -- but one of them will be packing their bags for Jury Villa before the end of the week.

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