Australian Survivor All Stars: Dirty Harry's Spot-On JLP Impression

Things at Jury Villa are getting a little lonely.

Locky and Harry have been trying to keep themselves busy, but haven't had an opportunity to welcome a new member into Jury Villa due to this week's Exile Beach twist.

Meanwhile, Exile Beach is brimming with action with three more members of KaloKalo joining Moana, AK and Brooke.

While Shonee, Zach and Jacqui made their way to Survivor All Stars' hottest club (Exile), poor lonely Locky and Harry had to make their own fun.

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David Genat knows that Australian Survivor is all about working smart -- not working hard.

Missing the daily reward and immunity challenges Jonathan LaPaglia tasked the castaways with, the pair decided to set up their own challenge -- complete with the most perfect JLP-esque narration.

Dirty Harry may be known for his scheming and his gameplay, but one thing that needs to be added to his Survivor resume is his pitch-perfect impression of the Australian Survivor host.

JLP's challenge narration has become an integral component of any Survivor season -- ranging from sassy to borderline pornographic.

Any time there's a ball, sack or pole in play, the challenge for Jonathan is to make as many double-entendres as possible and, honestly, he never disappoints.

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Jonathan LaPaglia has his work cut out for him on 'Australian Survivor: All Stars' -- faced with the task of interrogating a group of players skilled in the art of lying.

JLP also has a way of noticing -- and making sure to call out -- when anyone is struggling through an endurance challenge, which can't be good for your self-esteem when you're already exhausted and uncomfortable.

This year the All Stars have been sassing JLP back, but after back-to-back seasons, Harry obviously had a lot of time to work on his impression.

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