'It's The First Time We've Dealt With A Loss': How Katy Perry Said Goodbye To Her Grandma

Katy Perry has explained how she's coping with the loss of her grandmother, who passed away this week

The "Roar" singer paid tribute to her grandmother, Ann Pearl Hudson, on her Instagram just yesterday and explained on The Project how she's been dealing with the first death of a close family member.

"In my immediate family, it's the first we've dealt with a loss," Katy explained.

"She was 99 and I got to say goodbye and tell her I was with child before I came to Australia, actually, and I knew there was a chance, while I was here, that she would pass on," she said.

Katy confirmed her pregnancy last week following the debut of her new music video "Never Worn White" in which she showed off her bump to the world for the first time.

She explained that she holds close a belief that her grandmother is still present in her life and will perhaps pass her unborn baby on the way to her next adventure.

"I don't believe that anyone ever leaves us, I think her soul is still around and I feel it very much around and as one soul is coming into the world, another is departing," Katy told The Project. 

"I said in my Instagram post, 'If there is a waiting room for the coming and going, I hope grandma kisses the soul on the forehead.'"



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While reports have said Katy is six months pregnant, she set the record straight and told The Project panel that it was "not a confirmed time" but later alluded that she'd be giving birth in the States' summer.

Katy performed a stunning live version of her track "Never Worn White" for the studio audience, a teaser of what she'll be bringing to her Fight On concert tomorrow in Bright, Victoria.

The event was created to thank emergency services in bushfire affected communities with Katy explaining how she reacted to the crisis that unfolded at the tail end of 2019 and early 2020.

Image: Network 10.

"It was important for me to give back because a lot of times I’m going into different countries and saying, 'Hey look at me, listen to my music'. 



Katy Perry's Heartbreak As Grandma Dies Just Days After Announcing Pregnancy

Katy Perry has revealed her sadness following the loss of her grandmother, Ann Pearl Hudson, after she passed away aged 99.

"Australia has been there for me so many times in my life, over a decade, and when I was watching what was going on here with the fires, it was really reminding me of my own home town of Santa Barbara," she said, adding that she knew how "devastating" it was for families over the holiday period. 

Katy said she knew she wanted to put on an event that would thank the volunteer firefighters who risked their lives to protect their communities.

"It's a night of gratitude. We have 7,000 people and over 5,000 of those people are service people and their families who they were away from. 

The Project panel noted that Katy could have easily pulled a sickie -- with both her pregnancy and COVID-19 on the table as options -- but that just wasn't an option for the hardworking star.

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