Moana In The Middle: All Stars Twist Makes For Uncomfortable Journey To Exile Beach

For the first time in Australian Survivor history, there are going to be more people on Exile Beach than back at camp.

At the most recent tribal, it seemed certain that either AK or Brooke, sitting in the minority alliance with Shonee, would be receiving a one-way ticket to Jury Villa, with even Brooke admitting that she was "wearing her best outfit for a reason".

"This is my, 'might be going home' outfit," she said, explaining that she'd been named by David as a "challenge threat" and there was a target placed firmly on her back.

But the personal trainer pointed out that, on All Stars, everyone is a threat and called out the hypocrisy of the old Mokuta alliance.

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"Everyone here is a threat, I mean, I'm possibly going home because I'm a physical threat, which has come straight from Dave's mouth -- who's also a physical threat," said Brooke, adding Shonee and Sharn's name to the list of challenge beasts.

AK seemed a little more at peace with the prospect of joining Harry and Locky on the jury pew -- laughing that he couldn't wait to see how things would unfold when he, Brooke and Shonee potentially left the game.

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"I look forward to the time they have to turn on each other," he chuckled. "If I'm over there and I'm enjoying the sh** show, sign me up!"

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But as any student of Survivor knows, the second that a majority alliance is getting a little too comfortable, a twist will usually arrive to blow up their strategy.

"Before we go any further, tonight things will be a little different," JLP teased, causing Brooke and AK's faces to light up.

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With just nine remaining All Stars in the game, JLP revealed that the three contestants with the most votes would be heading to Exile, with another three packing their bags for the desolate location the following night.

The six exiles will then have the opportunity to win their way back into the game -- but there are only five spots up for grabs.

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JLP read out the names of the contestants who would be heading to the windy, barren shores of Exile Beach with the nine votes split in a three-way tie between AK, Brooke and Moana, who looked less than impressed that she'd be spending some quality time with two people she's been trying to eliminate.

"You guys are going to Exile right now," smiled JLP.

It's set to create an interesting new dynamic as Moana will be split from the alliance she's been leading with David, leaving her in a potentially vulnerable position.

It also means that the remaining members of her alliance (Dave, Zach, Jacqui, Tarzan) will have some uncomfortable decision making ahead with three new players to be sent to Exile tomorrow night.

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