Dancing With The Stars 2020: Travis Cloke The Fourth Celebrity Eliminated

Unfortunately, back to school week saw the fan-favourite packing his school bag and leaving the dance floor.

Kicking things off in week one with a Viennese waltz, Travis and his professional dance partner Violeta Mugica surprised the judges with an emotional performance.

Week two was a lot less of a love affair as Trav and Violeta shimmied up a storm in a cha cha that Craig said was more like a “nah nah”.

Both Sharna and Tristain agreed with Craig and Travis fell to the lower end of the leaderboard.



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It's Week 5 and the celebs are dancing their way back in time to their schoolyard days.

For week three the stars were tasked to perform a dance for the most memorable year of their lives. Travis picked 2010, the year Collinwood won the Premiership. Recreating the passion and intensity of the sporting triumph through a paso doble, the judges again were slightly underwhelmed with the former Pies player’s footwork.

During the fourth week, Travis and Violeta performed a quick step that unfortunately didn’t delight the judges. While Tristan joked his quickstep was better than his fashion sense in school, the other judges were a lot less impressed.

Craig was characteristically short saying the dance was “everything a quick step isn’t” while Sharna really took Travis to task.

“What’s going on, mate?” she asked the AFL legend, “I wanted you to be great because I adore you, I see the potential but we’re just not seeing it come to fruition,” she continued.



'I Couldn't Tell You The Last Time I Was Sick': Travis Cloke Battling Illness Ahead Of Latin Night

It's supposed to be the night of steamy, sensual performances but Travis Cloke may be bringing a few sniffles to the dance floor.

Unfortunately, only scoring 10, a 2 from Craig and a 4 from Sharna and Tristan, Travis fell to the bottom of the leaderboard and was standing alongside Dami Im in the bottom two where the pair went to a dance-off.

Despite an emotional, tense decision from the judges ultimately Sharna and Craig chose to save Dami, ending Travis' time in the competition.

"It's been one hell of a journey, it's been fantastic," Travis said after the judges made their decision, praising Violetta's work turning him into a dancer.

"This has been a journey for me that I never thought I'd come on," he continued, "but I'm so glad I've been a part of it and I guess that's what every celebrity says... but I genuinely mean it.

"I cannot dance to save myself but I've had the best time doing this over the last couple of months."

Travis was competing in support of Wildlife Victoria, an organisation that has been doing incredible work following the devastating bushfires to help protect the millions of wildlife who were affected.

Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.