'I Realised It Was Okay To Not Be Perfect': Christian Wilkins' Emotional Performance Blows Judges Away

It was a big night for Christian Wilkins, scoring the first 10 of the season -- and immediately scoring a second.

It was a huge night of celebration with Christian's professional dance partner Lily Cornish also celebrating her 21st birthday on Sunday, and the pair nabbed a perfect 10 from both Sharna and Tristan -- with Craig scoring them a very respectable 9 to top it off.

Teetering on a perfect score, the pair's contemporary performance in honour of Christian's school years provided an emotional shift from the bubbly duo's usual antics.

"I was really preppy and clean-cut and I looked so happy," Christian told Lily ahead of their dance, "but inside I was really struggling.



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"I struggled a lot with anxiety and I became really controlling and I felt this need to project this image that everything was okay."

Explaining that the turning point was when he opened up to friends and family about his issues, Christian said he finally realised it was "okay to not be that perfect human".

Craig called their performance "absolutely fabulous" while Tristan added that he felt the pair "set the new bar" for the other partners.

An emotional Sharna told Christian, "This is the moment when the dance becomes art because that was absolutely incredible.

"That was the most real, authentic thing we have seen all season. I just wanted to say thank you," Sharna continued.



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After blowing away the judges and receiving a standing ovation, Christian said, "It felt amazing to pay homage to the person I was".

"I was really struggling and it was my way of saying thank you to the people that supported me and turned that struggling, anxious boy into the proud, confident man I am today."

"To be vulnerable and be real and get that kind of response feels amazing," Christian said.

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