Dancing With The Stars 2020: The Celebs Turn Their Awkward High School Years Into Teen Dreams

It's Week 5 and the celebs are dancing their way back in time to their schoolyard days.

After Week 4's sizzling Latin Night, it was Ed Kavalee and Claudia Karvan sitting pretty with 50 and 47 points respectively, followed by Christian Wilkins (47), Chloe Lattanzi (46), Celia Pacquola (44) , Beau Ryan (42), Dami Im (40) and Travis Cloke (40).

Beau landed in the bottom two with Chloe and was eventually sent home by the judges -- proving you can never get complacent and assume your favourites don't need your votes.

This week, the remaining seven stars and their professional dance partners will be recreating the sometimes joyous -- and sometimes painful -- memories from their teenage years while trying to make their way up the DWTS leaderboard.

Ed Kavalee and Jorja Freeman

The dance: Cha cha. 

The lowdown: Jorja turned Ed's teenage nightmare into a "Teen Dream" with the pair recreating his disappointing year 10 and 12 formals with a happier end. Ed might have gotten stood up not once but twice by the same girl in high school but the judges had a much kinder approach with Sharna saying she "freaking loves" watching Ed dance.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 6, Sharna Burgess: 6, Tristan Macmanus: 6 for a total of 18.  



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Claudia Karvan and Aric Yegudkin

The dance: The tango. 

The lowdown: Claudia paid homage to her punk upbringing in Kings Cross, where her parents ran a nightclub called Arthur's. Aric decided to infuse their tango with some punk energy and while Tristan said it seemed like Clauds had been "out on the cans" Craig absolutely loved their non-traditional performance.

Sharna said the tango lacked balance and that Claudia "didn't make it out of the moshpit" even though it was an entertaining routine.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood:8, Sharna Burgess: 6, Tristan Macmanus: 6 for a total of 20. 



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Dami Im and Shae Mountain

Image: Network 10.

The dance: The waltz. 

The lowdown: Dami revealed that she'd undergone a root canal just a few days ago but that it was the least painful part of her week.

Craig pointed out a few flaws but congratulated Dami for continually improving on her dance skills. Sharna said the singer's growth in the competition has been stunning but that Dami's frame is overtaking all the good work she's doing on the dancefloor.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 6, Sharna Burgess: 6, Tristan Macmanus:7 for a total of 19. 

Chloe Lattanzi and Gustavo Viglio

Image: Network 10.

The dance: Cha cha. 

The lowdown: Chloe performed a sexy cha cha to "Lady Marmalade" still nursing the rib injury that held her back on Latin Night. All three judges praised Chloe's rhythm and line but said she must concentrate on straightening her leg to turn that orange jam into ~marmalade~ as Tristan put it.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 7, Sharna Burgess: 7, Tristan Macmanus: 7 for a total of 21. 

Travis Cloke and Violeta Mugica

Image: Network 10.

The dance: Quickstep. 

The lowdown: Tristan said Travis' timing was off but that the footy player has shown persistence over the past few weeks. Craig and Sharna had to agree when it came to timing and said this competition "requires rehearsal time" and said it was "another rough one" for Travis.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 2, Sharna Burgess: 4, Tristan Macmanus: 4 for a total of 10.  

Christian Wilkins And Lily Cornish

The dance: Contemporary. 

The lowdown: Christian revealed that he struggled with anxiety during his high school years as a theatre nerd and that it took a while for him to accept that perfection is an illusion.

Christian and Lily pulled off a stunningly emotional routine to Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" earning the biggest cheer from the audience all evening.  Christian said the dance represented him breaking away from the "facade of the Prince" in his blossoming dancing career and showed who he truly was.

Image: Network 10.

Craig said he thought it was "absolutely FAB-U LOUS", the highest praise from the often critical judge. Sharna said the pair reached the moment when dance becomes art and noted it was the most authentic performance of the season.

Tristan said Christian could "lift trees from the earth" with that dance and that he "just set the new bar" and Christian noted that it felt amazing to be rewarded for his vulnerability.

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 9, Sharna Burgess: 10, Tristan Macmanus: 10 for a total of 29. 

Celia Pacquola and Jarryd Byrne

Image: Network 10.

The dance: Salsa. 

The lowdown: Celia turned the work of her high school bullies into a stunning dance floor routine to TLC's "No Scrubs". Sharna said that Celia was back in top form while Tristan said it was "unreal, whimsical and sassy".

"Absolutely no scrubs, just love from me!" Tristan said. Craig congratulated Celia on a "great flow and great energy".

The scores: Craig Revel Horwood: 8, Sharna Burgess: 9, Tristan Macmanus: 9 for a total of  26. 

Image: Network 10.

Disco Marathon

Image: Network 10.

The dancefloor turned into Studio 54 as the couples boogied in the sparkly wonderland until they were given a tap on the shoulder by the judges.

Christian and Lily cemented their lead after they were the last pair on the dance floor and were awarded 10 points, propelling them even further to the top of the leaderboard.

It was Travis and Dami who landed in the bottom two and were forced to dance off to fight for their spot in the competition. Sharna and Tristan were divided over who they should save with the former picking Dami and the latter Travis so it was Craig who broke the tie break and opted to send Travis home.

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