Survivor All Stars' Jacqui Patterson Reveals Second Cancer Diagnosis

Three years after battling stage four melanoma, Jacqui Patterson has revealed a second shock cancer diagnosis.

Speaking to 10 daily over the phone, Jacqui said she discovered a lump a few weeks ago and went to the doctor to check out what was first assumed to be a cyst.

"I went to the guy that does my skin checks and he said 'I'll take it out,' but as he was taking it out he said normally there's an oil in a cyst'," Jacqui explained. Noticing that this lump wasn't responding like a regular cyst, it was biopsied and sent to a lab, revealing that it was a malignant tumour between her scalp and skull.

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Marriage celebrant Jacqui Patterson was already in peak physical shape before she knew she would be heading back to 'Australian Survivor'.

After a CT and pet scans, Jacqui is now waiting to get surgery later this month.

"You know what pissed me off the most?" she told 10 daily, "The fact that I'm four weeks off the stage of a bodybuilding competition."

One of the first things that ran through her head after hearing the news of the tumour was, "Is this going to interrupt my training? How is this going to affect the work I've done?

"It's like, I've got a bikini to get out in," she said, adding that six weeks before a bodybuilding competition last year she was asked to join Survivor: All Stars which threw a spanner in the works of her previous training efforts.

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It's the milestone that every Survivor contestant sets their sights on from the very beginning -- making it to the halfway point in the competition that changes everything.

Though she initially had hoped to still make it to Season A, Jacqui will have to postpone her efforts until Season B rolls around in September/October.

"I said to my husband, at the moment it feels like I have tunnel vision," Jacqui said. "I'm in competition prep, I've got melanoma and I'm on Survivor. Everything outside of that is like white noise.

"Apart from being a marriage celebrant," she continued, adding that it's "the best job in the world".

"I still have marriages going on but it's been a bit quiet this month, which has been a blessing in disguise."



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While still battling for the title of sole survivor, working as a celebrant, training for competitions and dealing with her diagnosis, Jacqui said the unexpected demands of reality TV on top of everything else has taken up a lot more time than she imagined.

"It's been great, but it'll probably be nice to get back to normal," she said before adding with a laugh, "unless you can get me on Gogglebox, I think I'd be great on that."

She also broke up the Survivor content on her Instagram to give an update on her diagnosis to her followers.

"This isn't about getting a bunch of support messages from you guys," she said in the video, "this is about supporting yourself and the ones that are around you that you love and that love you.

"If in doubt, check it out," Jacqui continued, urging her followers not to "put things on the backburner. Just get in and get things done straight away."

Explaining to 10 daily that, "of course people will give you love", Jacqui said she wanted to use her own experience to make sure she was helping others.

"If my doctor said it's just a cyst I could have jumped on a plane and gone overseas for six weeks and thought oh well," she said.

"A lot of people said to me after my first round, 'Oh I went and had this and that done' or 'I found out I had such and such' and a lot of people became proactive after they saw that first post," she said.

Jacqui was previously diagnosed with cancer following her first appearance on Australian Survivor in 2017. Returning home, while getting a massage, her sister noticed a suspicious mole which turned out to be a stage four melanoma.

Again, she used her own diagnosis to urge others to make sure they were staying on top of their health.

"If I can say one thing, check your skin, guys... Don't wait. Check yourself out. I'm a survivor, I will kick this," she said on The Project in 2017.

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.