Man Rushed To Hospital After Moth Flies Inside His Ear

Brisbane man Cliff needed a trip to the emergency room after a moth got stuck in his ear and kept flapping about.

Paramedics Kaitlyn and Michelle were nearing the end of their shift when they were called to an address in Kelvin Grove.

Cliff had called triple zero after a moth flew into his ear and he was unable to get it out.

"I'd never had this kind of job before," Kaitlyn told 10 daily.

"I've had things growing out of people's ears, kids sticking things up their noses, but never an animal in an ear."

Cliff had reportedly been in the bathroom when the critter flew into his ear canal.

The case, featured on Ambulance Australia, was very unique for Kaitlyn and Michelle.

"So the ear canal, there is enough room there for a creature to go in and make its home," Kaitlyn said.

Obviously the moth wanted to go into a warm, dark space of comfort and his ear canal was the place of choice.
Cliff was left in pain as he could feel the moth flap around inside his ear. Image: Network 10

Kaitlyn and Michelle arrived at Cliff's home to find him in extreme pain -- the moth was still alive and flapping about inside his ear.

"Cliff could feel the bug fluttering in his ear, and he knew it would eventually have to die," Kaitlyn said.

Cliff claimed he could feel the moth's wings, and even its heartbeat, as it moved around inside his ear.

"It's a tough little moth," he joked.



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Despite Cliff's best efforts to remove it with tweezers, he was unable to get the moth from his ear canal.

He later admitted he had considered using a vacuum cleaner to suck the moth out.

"We wouldn't advise you to stick anything in there anyway," Michelle said.

Kaitlyn and Michelle tried to search for the moth. Image: Network 10

The paramedics could not spot the moth, so Cliff needed a trip to the hospital.

"I felt helpless that I couldn't do anything to him," Kaitlyn told 10 daily.

"We don't have the equipment and I didn't want to squirt anything in there in case it pushed it in further."

Cliff with the moth after it was removed from his ear. Image: Network 10

Cliff told the paramedics that he could feel the moth trying to crawl out of his head.

He was admitted into hospital and the moth was removed.

His ear canal was unharmed by the flapping wings, however, the moth was not as lucky.

Watch Cliff's story on Ambulance Australia: Season Three, tonight from 7.30pm on Network 10.