Goggleboxers Go Into Meltdown Watching Hughesy's Giant Spider On The Loose

The Goggleboxers went into panic mode after a certain eight-legged guest went on a rampage on Hughesy, We Have A Problem.

After arranging an on-the-spot bum tattoo for Hamish Blake earlier in the program, Hughesy announced that the panel was going to attempt to solve a very hairy problem for an audience member.

Fan of the show Julia joined Hughesy, Hamish, Julia Morris, Ann Edmonds and Meshel Laurie to describe her conundrum, looking like Britney Spears at the 2001 VMA Awards with a giant yellow python around her shoulders.

She explained that, as a snake catcher, she's perfectly comfortable getting up close and personal with deadly reptiles, but there's one creature that stops her dead in her tracks.

Hughesssssssy we have a problem. Image: Network 10.

"My problem is this, I'm a snake catcher... if I turn up to a call and there's a spider there, I lose the will to live," she said.

Over at the Delpechitra house, eldest son Wendel asked: "So she can catch snakes but she can't catch spiders?"



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To attempt to cure Julia of her arachnophobia, Hughesy added to his terrifying new menagerie a tarantula and a huntsman -- probably making his studio audience wish they'd stayed at home that day.

Hughesy then made the mistake of asking the spider wrangler Chloe to set the Huntsman free from his plastic enclosure, saying: "Take him out and put him on my hand".

Blake and a Snake. Image: Network 10.

And in a split second, the sneaky spider saw his chance to escape and darted up Hughesy's arm and across his chest before performing an impressive disappearing act.

Hamish Blake -- who was now minding the snake -- roared in fright and leapt up on to the desk as the Gogglebox families screamed in terror, somehow convinced that the spider had the power to crawl out of their TV sets and into their lounge rooms.



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"Now I feel like I've got a spider crawling up my leg!" shuddered Anastasia.

"I'd be up with Hamish," Lee told Keith.

Anastasia got the heebie-jeebies. Image: Network 10.

While the huntsman was eventually contained, things didn't improve as Hughesy got Julia to "touch the bum" of a tarantula who proved to be just as jumpy, though luckily didn't make a break for it.

We're not entirely sure if Julia's experience helped her overcome her arachnid anxieties but the segment definitely intensified the Goggleboxers' fear of the creepy-crawlies.

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