The Tribe Has Spoken! Australian Survivor Locky Gilbert Is Your 2020 Bachelor

Ladies… drop your buffs.

For years Osher Günsberg has been dreaming of an Australian Survivor and Bachelor mash-up, and now it appears he’s getting his wish.

In 2020, 30-year-old Locklan “Locky” Gilbert will be trading tribal councils for rose ceremonies as he steps up to take the mantle of The Bachelor.

First appearing on screens in Season 2 of Australian Survivor, Locky stole hearts as he threw himself into every challenge. Making it all the way to the final five, Locky cemented himself as a favourite in the game and went on to feature in the most recent season of All Stars.

Australian Survivor


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An adventure tour guide, Locky is used to activities to get the heart racing. From base jumping to cave diving, but now he’s looking for a whole new kind of adventure of the heart: finding his soulmate.

The self-described hopeless romantic said, “I really want to find love. I’m pretty content with my life at the moment. I go on crazy adventures, but I’m doing it all by myself.

Australian Survivor


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“I’ve got best friends, but I want to find that one best friend that I can spend the rest of my life with. This is an amazing opportunity to hopefully find someone special at the end.”

As for why the 6’3” dreamboat is still single Locky told 10 daily, “because I haven’t met that one person that makes me want to settle down. I do want to settle down, but I don’t think I’m going to do that until I find the right person.”

As for his dream date, you’d be surprised to hear that the two-time Survivor castaway likes things “pretty simple”.

“I’m not big on restaurants and expensive things,” he said to 10 daily. “Maybe go on a hike or a walk down along the beach, set up a really nice picnic, watch the sun go down, and maybe there’s an outdoor movie screen where we just sit and cuddle while watching a movie.”

For those who are more used to seeing Locky hunting for immunity idols than true love, the news shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise after he became the unofficial All Stars Bachelor earlier in the season.

He even spoke to 10 daily a few weeks ago about his time as the beachside bachie, saying he’d “probably” give the show a go, adding that he is friends with a few guys who have been on the series before.

“They all said it’s pretty fun so it’d be pretty cool but I’m too busy,” he said at the time.

Just like a true Survivor, never giving us the whole truth.

We can’t wait to see Locky as he faces his biggest challenge yet when The Bachelor returns to Network 10.