'I Want To See Crazy Moves': Locky's Famous Last Words Before Shock Blindside

Locklan 'Locky' Gilbert has become the 13th All Star voted off Australian Survivor and the first member of the jury.

His elimination from the game was the first after Mokuta and Vakama merged into Kalo Kalo and uncertainty was cast upon existing alliances and old friendships.

Locky entered the new tribe with his trusted allies Brooke, AK, Shonee and Harry and was confident that David, along with Zach, was keen to work with him again.

The last delicious feast Brooke and Locky would share on Kalo Kalo. Image: Network 10.

While you can never be too sure where David's real allegiance lies, the Survivor general laid out a strategy before his Mokutan troops ahead of merge -- to enter the new camp like a Trojan horse.

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Moana was also on board with the plan to get rid of Locky, having been itching to seek revenge for his part in her ally Mat's elimination from Vakama.

The Golden God and Mafia Moana cut a deal in the jungle. Image: Network 10.

Pretending he was on the outs with the old Mokutans, he assured Locky that he was ready to work together with the Vakama Five to get rid of Sharn.

"Dude, I'm so happy to be back, it's been senior citizens club over there," he lied to Locky, adding that he "just didn't get a chance to work with Nick".

The face David gives you right before the kiss of death. Image: Network 10.

After Shonee pulled off the first immunity win post-merge, the Vakama Five set their sights on voting out Sharn, who they reasoned was a considerable threat, having made it all the way to second place in 2018.

As Kalo Kalo sat down for their first tribal council, Locky was to utter some prophetic last words that were intended to criticise Moana's "safe" game play.

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"I know if I'm sitting over there," he said, gesturing to the empty jury pews, "and someone is playing the safe move, I'm not giving them any money.

"You can play it safe all the way to the end but you're never getting the money," he added as Moana interjected.

Moana assured Locky that a big move was coming. Image: Network 10.

The former AFLW player reasoned that eventually "you have to vote everyone off" before Locky shot back again.

"If you sit there all the way to the end just doing the safe stuff, that's just boring and you're not getting my vote," Locky said.

"I want to see big stuff, I want to see crazy moves, blindsides, I think we all do!"

Both David and Moana's smirks said it all -- Locky was about to realise that a big move was certainly coming, he just wasn't going to like who was in the majority of the tribe's crosshairs.

Image: Network 10.

Locky hung his head as the votes were tied with five against his name and five against Sharn. JLP announced the final two names -- both Locky -- and the former leader of Vakama leapt out of his seat.

"Shit, hey, good one!" he said, congratulating the Mokutan conspirators on their big move.

Locky was still in shock as he tried to make sense of the vote in his final confessional.

"What the hell! I got blindsided, that's insane," he said. "Oh, I'm devasted. There was a lot of talk of big moves, especially by me, and I suppose they pulled off maybe the biggest of the game so far."

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