'He's Just Not That Into You': Nick Explained Dave's Survivor Strategy To Us With A Rom Com

David Genat has been executing a flawless gameplan on Australian Survivor: All Stars and one of his recent targets -- Nick Iadanza -- explained that watching the maestro in action is a lot like being in a romantic comedy.

Speaking to 10 daily following his elimination from Mokuta, Nick described the Golden God's daily routine of strengthening his social bonds with each player on the tribe.

"It’s almost like Dave would walk around camp with a clipboard and that clipboard said, ‘Alright, have a personal conversation with Nick, make small talk with Zach, now compliment Jacqui’s muscles,'" he said.

Nick continued on to explain how he interpreted what was happening when Dave sauntered over for a chat.

"It was like he’d go, ‘This is the ten minutes of my day where I ask Nick two personal questions’ and once he would ask them he would go, ‘Yeah, sweet, sweet’ and he’d get up and walk off," he laughed, adding that he knew the chats were "so false".

Nick, mid-foxtrot with David. Image: Network 10.

The high-school English teacher and Survivor savant said navigating the spiky boundaries of Dave's game felt simultaneously like being a ballroom dancer and the leading lady in a romantic comedy.

"You do the dance, you put your arms on his waist and you do the foxtrot with him but you never actually think that he’s into you in any way," Nick told 10 daily.

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"Playing Survivor with Dave, it’s like the definition of that movie, He’s Just Not That Into You -- He’s not into anyone!" he laughed.

"He’s only into himself, he’s only concerned with his own game, which is great, it’s what you’re supposed to do, but I could not believe how many people genuinely thought that he was into them," he said.

On his way to steal your idol. Image: Network 10.

But while Dave's band of loyal Mokutans were under the spell of the show's greatest snake charmer, Nick could see the writing on the wall.

"I always knew that he was a bad boy who’s going to dump me after the dance and try and date my best friend."

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After Dave assured Nick that he wanted him to be part of his post-merge game, not a few hours later he was writing down his name at tribal with a smile.

It proved Nick's premonition to be 100 percent correct -- Dave just wasn't that into him.

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