Dancing With The Stars' Jorja And Gustavo Reveal Surprise Wedding News

While we normally see them in the arms of their dance partners Chloe Lattanzi and Ed Kavalee, Gustavo Viglio and Jorja Freeman joined together on screen to reveal some exciting news.

After leading Team Paso Doble through some fiery choreography that nabbed their celebs a score of 26 on Sunday night, Amanda Keller summoned the pair to come forward.

"Don't worry, Gustavo, you're not in trouble!" Amanda joked as they took centre stage and were asked to share some happy news.

"We got married!" Gustavo beamed as the audience broke into applause and Amanda scattered confetti on the newlyweds.

Image: Network 10.

Speaking to 10 daily after announcing on national TV they'd tied the knot, Jorja and Gustavo explained that they'd held a low-key event at Carlton Gardens in Melbourne earlier this year.

"It was just my family and it was a surprise for them, they just thought it was an engagement dinner," she said. "Because Gustavo’s family are in Italy but my grandparents wouldn’t have been able to come to Italy."

The couple decided to make things official in Australia but will be throwing another wedding on the Amalfi Coast with Gustavo's family next year.

"We're going to have a big, fat Italian wedding in 2021!" Gustavo said.



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Jorja added she didn't post about their wedding on social media because she didn't want to exclude the Viglios, explaining that the Aussie wedding was to make sure the elderly members of her family got to watch her walk down the aisle.

"The main reason was really that my grandad is 94 and I’m the first granddaughter to get engaged and married so I really wanted to do that before he passes.

"It was so special to have all my grandparents there because I know they wouldn’t have made it to Italy next year."

Gustavo and Jorja are both part of Burn The Floor Dance Company that many of the professionals from Dancing With The Stars are part of and first met while working on a cruise ship.

"We started off as really close friends, then one thing led to another and within six months we were dating," Jorja explained.

"Ever since then, we’ve toured the world and been part of the same cast," she added.



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But while the pair work in perfect harmony as a romantic couple, they've sworn off ever dancing together again, agreeing that they don't see eye to eye on the dance floor.

"We danced together as a couple for Burn The Floor for about six months and we actually ended up splitting up because we didn’t get along," laughed Jorja.

"It was just too close for comfort. A recipe for disaster!"

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