'I Wish We Did Give It Over': Shonee Explained The Dilemma Of Harry's Survivor Advantage

It was the Sliding Doors moment that ultimately decided Nick Iadanza's fate in the game.

For a split second, his future on All Stars rested in the hands of his friends over at Vakama, who had to weigh up whether it was worth the risk of saving him from the jaws of defeat.

Harry had discovered a game-changing clue that would allow him to stop a tribal council and negate all votes but was having trouble figuring out how best to wield his power.

Feeling the paranoia that goes hand-in-hand with playing Survivor, Dirty Harry almost used the advantage during the tribal where Vakama blindsided Flick but was talked out of making any bold moves by AK.

Dirty Harry resisted pulling the trigger -- but had shown his hand, leaving the rest of Mokuta concerned about what his mysterious advantage actually was.

Two thirds of the Little Rascals. Image: Network 10.

Ahead of their next immunity challenge, Harry decided to confide in Shonee and reveal exactly what his scrap of paper would allow him to do and the pair discussed whether they'd pass the advantage on to Nick over at Mokuta if Vakama got to avoid the next tribal.

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The Little Rascals were keen to meet up with their third member after merge, but were still a little unclear on the ambiguous wording of the advantage -- worrying that saving Nick would mean another team challenge.

After Vakama were victorious in the next immunity challenge, Harry decided to let his whole tribe in on his personal dilemma and spill what his advantage was.

The stressful huddle. Image: Network 10.

The tribe huddled to discuss throwing Nick a bone, with Locky strongly against the idea, urging Harry not to risk the tribe having to head to another challenge and risk losing.

Speaking to 10 daily ahead of the episode's broadcast, Shonee explained the agony of the team decision.

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"Oh my god, this kills me, I was so conflicted because, obviously, we needed him to survive so we could get the truth about what was really happening and who we could trust moving forward," Shonee told 10 daily. 

"But we also didn’t know if we handed over the advantage if we would have to do another group challenge and then if we lost, then Harry would probably be going home. 

"I wish we did give it over but at the time it was safer for Harry to keep it to secure his position in the game," she added. 

The agony of leaving a Rascal behind. Image: Network 10.

Nick, meanwhile, was forced to watch the Vakama huddle, not knowing exactly what was going on, although he had a fair idea.

"When they were huddling around for so long I was like, ‘Oh my god, something is happening here’ and the show just let it linger and linger and linger and I was trying to give them the eye like, ‘Guys, guys, whatever you’re deciding, decide it with me!’

Nick was well aware he was on the chopping block. Image: Network 10.

Nick said he's since spoken to Harry, who explained that the group was  "worried if they gave it to me and I cancelled the votes, we stayed at 13 players that there was going to be one more tribal iteration" ahead of merge. 

"He [Harry] made the right decision for him out of fear of what would have happened if they went to tribal council next, especially how much heat he was copping for having the advantage.

"Bu I think it’s crazy that they’re all risky players, really good players and they weren’t willing to take that risk."

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