Chloe Lattanzi's Painful Rib Injury Taught Her An Important Dance Floor Lesson

Chloe Lattanzi hit a roadblock after sitting at the top of the leaderboard for the past three weeks -- but it's not all bad news.

While trying to master the Argentine tango during rehearsal with her partner Gustavo Viglio, Chloe was in audible pain, clutching at her side during particularly strenuous movements.

"It's become more tender," she winced, after explaining how she has pushed herself to the limit in the competitive dance comp.

"Now the most difficult part of this dance is my injury, that's my biggest concern -- this could create a real big problem," Chloe said.

The tango is tricky enough without a rib injury. Image: Network 10.

Gustavo noted that Latin Night meant it was a "very hectic" week of preparation with the celebs expected to dance two routines for the first time this season.

"The Argentine tango, I'm very stressed, I'm really worried about Chloe," Gustavo added.

The couple began their sultry dance with a double-bed in the middle of the dance floor, and ended it under running water in the middle of a pool.



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They pulled off the performance, but it was clear that Chloe wasn't performing with the same energy level as she has brought to the dance floor the last few weeks. 

But the injury proved to be an important lesson for Chloe, who has often spoken about being a perfectionist and being afraid to fail.

"My partner helped me through it and worst thing happened to me, I forgot my moves but I'm okay, not dead!" said Chloe, beaming with confidence.

"I'm here, I'm alive, it's great!"

Image: Network 10.

It's a marked difference in confidence from the technically flawless but often uncertain Chloe, and it was clear that she's made leaps and bounds during her time on Dancing in being kinder to herself.

The judges noted they could see the limitations the rib injury placed on Chloe's movements but congratulated her for seeing the importance of making a few mistakes -- and learning from them.

"We could see what it was meant to be, you are such a beautiful dancer, gorgeous lines, gorgeous legs," Sharna Burgess said.

"You messed up and you survived!" she added. "Right, you're still here?"

We can't wait to see what Chloe and Gustavo do next.

Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.