How Many Pairs Of Undies Can You Bring On Australian Survivor?

When you’re packing for an overseas trip, you want to ensure that you’ve got plenty of fresh underwear on hand -- especially if you know you're going to be without your washing machine for nearly two months.

But things are a little more tricky for Australian Survivor contestants who can’t just arrive at their new beachside home wheeling a suitcase packed with all-weather options along with them. 

This All Stars season, contestants have had to bear the brunt of powerful wind, driving rain, chilly nights and steamy tropical days -- a combination of weather forces that makes packing an absolute nightmare.

We decided to ask a couple of All Stars what they were allowed to bring to Fiji -- and what the deal is when it comes to fresh underwear (spoiler, it’s not pretty). 

The All Stars looking a lot cleaner than they do right now. Image: Network 10.

How Many Items Are Allowed In The Survivor Wardrobe?

The Survivor contestants arrive with their 'day one outfit' -- the clothing we see them wear when they first land fresh-faced and clean as a whistle on the beach and Jonathan La Paglia splits them into tribes.

Australian Survivor


Dolce And Vakama? The Most Fashion-Forward Looks We've Seen On Australian Survivor: All Stars

Australian Survivor: All Stars hasn't just been a show of brute strength or cunning strategy.

For example, David Genat's 'day one outfit' included his leather jacket, Henry Nicholson had his technicolour poncho and Shonee Fairfax her iconic red dress.

The Mokuta washing machine only has one setting. Image: Network 10.

After a few days of getting these items of clothing nice and grubby, the All Stars are given access to their precious extra wardrobe items that they carefully picked out ahead of the game.

"It’s very strict -- you can only have five extra items on top of what you wear day one," Felicity 'Flick' Eggington told 10 daily. 

Flick packed her Birkenstocks, underwear set and warm clothing as part of her five items. Image: Network 10.

How Does Underwear Fit Into The Five-Item List?

Flick explained that a bra and underwear set is, thankfully, counted as one item but with just four spots left in the Survivor wardrobe, there are other pieces of clothing (like jumpers and tights) that take priority over more fresh undies.

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The Surprising Challenge Beasts Of Australian Survivor: All Stars

While the Olympians, athletes and Gladiators of the Survivor world are celebrated for their strength and endurance, we don't often sing the praises of the modest challenge beasts.

"You have your underwear and then you have your bikini but yeah, it's not good, not good at all," Flick laughed of the back-to-basics way of living.

Image: Network 10.

Shonee's Genius Undies Hack

Knowing that she might have to survive up to 50 days with just one set of underwear and one swimming costume, Shonee decided to choose wisely when it came to breathable fabrics.

"I bought bamboo underwear because I read that they’re the most hygienic," Shonee explained to 10 daily. 

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‘She Blindsided Me’: The Ghosts Of Survivor Past Are Back To Haunt Flick And Brooke

When Felicity Eggington blindsided her pal Brooke Jowett right at the pointy end of Australian Survivor's first season, it went down in history as one of the most shocking moves in the game.

"You can wash your undies in the water but they’re never going to be 100 percent clean, so I got the self-cleaning ones," she added. 

We asked the Vakama fashion plate how the bamboo bottoms fared during her time on the show and the results were pretty surprising.

"You know what, they held up so well that I was actually wearing them yesterday!" Shonee laughed. 

So if you're planning on signing up to compete in Season 6 remember that to be forewarned is to be forearmed -- don't leave home without your bamboo undies.

'Australian Survivor: All Stars' airs Monday-Wednesday at 7.30 pm. Only on 10 and WIN Network.