'Total Bullsh**': Osher Has A Wild Conspiracy Theory About Luke Finding That Survivor Advantage

Survivor super fan Osher Günsberg stopped by Talking Tribal to drop a conspiracy bombshell in the lap of Luke Toki.

Arriving on set to reunite with his old Australian Idol pal James Mathison and the King of the Jungle to chat All Stars, Osher quickly made it clear he had other pressing issues on his mind.

"I know you've got a show here and I know you've got important stuff to talk about but I don't care about any of that," Osher said.

He continued on to say that he's aware that Survivor shares a few of the same camera crew as one of the many shows that he hosts, Bachelor in Paradise. 

"Oh, so you've got some inside knowledge?" asked a curious Luke.

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And then, like Sherlock Holmes making his final assessments of an intricate case, Osher began describing one of Luke's most triumphant moments of last year's Champions vs. Contenders series -- finding an important clue in the knot of a tree trunk.

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"Right before you knifed Abbey, when you found the clue, did you stop because you heard the cameraman stop behind you?" he asked, smugly crossing his arms awaiting Luke's reply.

"No," Luke said, to which Osher hit back, "Bullsh**!"

"Total bullsh**".

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Not content with the answer, Osher jumped up to demonstrate what he meant, asking the Talking Tribal cameraman to help him out.

Luke insisted that his style of idol hunting involves plenty of about turns and that Osher had absolutely no case to back up his claims.

The clue that Luke found was ultimately used to orchestrate the most drama-filled tribal council in Australian Survivor history -- with Luke using his advantage to send Baden Gilbert back to camp (negating his vote), save Pia Miranda from elimination and completely blindside Abbey Holmes.

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There has been a lot of discussion about idol hunting during this season of Australian Survivor: All Stars -- with contestants (including David Genat) pointing out on social media that they're often spending days hunting around the jungle.

So while it looks like players are just stumbling across idols that the crew have kindly placed right in front of them, idol finds are often the result of long, laboured searches -- it just doesn't make the final edit because that would be extremely boring viewing.

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As Luke more or less explained this to Osher, the Bachie host still wasn't convinced, accusing Luke of hearing the crew "stalking through the leaves" then stopping abruptly.

It's reassuring that the host extraordinaire is as much as a super fan as the best of us, yelling at the television and coming up with wild theories but you can decide for yourself and watch the very important discussion over at the Talking Tribal page.

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