'I Couldn't Tell You The Last Time I Was Sick': Travis Cloke Battling Illness Ahead Of Latin Night

It's supposed to be the night of steamy, sensual performances but Travis Cloke may be bringing a few sniffles to the dance floor.

Speaking to 10 daily via the phone Trav admitted he was battling "a bit of man-flu" but had been congested all week. Juggling rehearsals on top of full-time work at Collingwood FC, things are getting tense as the next live episode of Dancing With The Stars edges closer and closer.

"I couldn't tell you the last time I was sick," Travis said, "I think in my whole footy career I had one or two sick days. It's very different to what I'm used to."

The shift in his energy, and occasionally having to spin or shake or twirl was taking a toll on the AFL legend. On top of that, Trav said this week the stars would be performing two dances for the first time.



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"It's definitely been a challenging week," he admitted, "but in dancing the show must go on so I'm working as hard as I can.

"No matter how I'm feeling or what's going on, we need to put the dance together," he added. "Saying that, we're only three days out and we're not quite there yet."

There's added pressure for Travis who last week ended up in the bottom two alongside Angie Kent. Luckily the judges chose to save Trav and his professional dance partner Violeta Mugica.



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Because of the tight timing of the next show, and his desire to prove to the judges that they made the right decision, Travis hasn't taken any time off the rigorous rehearsal schedule.

"We can't afford that in such a short time," he added, "It's a matter of getting in there and doing it. Sometimes you're only running at half power... you don't have the energy or I'm a bit lethargic," he said.

Coming from the sporting world Travis has a competitive nature, so being in the bottom two was a wake-up call, especially alongside Angie who he said he had become close friends with.

"I came into this journey to prove that anything is possible if you put yourself out there and try something new," Travis told 10 daily.

"This is part of it, coming up against adversity, being in the bottom, being crook... fingers crossed we walk away with a smile on our face," he said. "I'm after improvement. That's the journey I'm on. The general public wants to see that improvement."

Fingers crossed Trav gets well soon and is ready to spice things up with the stars perform this Sunday for Latin Night.

Dancing With The Stars airs Sundays at 7.30 on 10 and 10 Play.

Featured image: Instagram / Network 10.