'It Would Have Just Caused Chaos': The Agreement We Didn't See Between Flick And Brooke

Felicity 'Flick' Eggington has become the 11th All Star voted off Australian Survivor after a revenge plot that was years in the making.

Four years ago, Flick blindsided her best friend Brooke Jowett after the pair had formed a close alliance during their 45 days in Samoa together.

So when it was announced that both contestants would be returning for the All Stars season, and that they'd been placed on the same tribe -- everyone was waiting for the sparks to fly.

Speaking to 10 daily after her elimination, Flick said that the pair cleared the air as soon as they arrived at their new Vakama camp and described the off-camera agreement they arrived at.

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"I pulled Brooke aside and we sat down on a tree branch and we said we weren’t going to go after one another, we both agreed and it was completely mutual," she said. 

"We thought the best move for both of our games was to work together, especially in the beginning. We said, 'We’ll see what happens later on in the game come merge.'"

Flick and Brooke formed a natural alliance with Locky, AK, Daisy, Dave and Phoebe and concentrated on working together to eliminate some of the bigger threats in the game.  

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"The best move for us was to stick together and not go off at each other straight away," Flick said. " I think a lot of people probably thought that we would have but we knew that was not a smart move to make.

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Flick said she would have been next on the chopping block if she got rid of Brooke too early -- and vice versa.

"I would have been an early boot -- same as her. It would have just caused chaos."

Following the tribe swap that threw some existing alliances into disarray, Flick found herself bolstered by the company of AK, Locky and Brooke, a majority group that joined Harry and Shonee to pick off Abbey, Lydia, John and Mat.

Flick had briefly entertained the thought of working with fellow 'Gold Coast Rat' Mat Rogers but their plan fell through when Harry backed out at the 11th hour.

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After a hectic and emotional tribal council, Phoebe Timmins had spiritual and actual wounds to take care of.

"Unfortunately because of that I was completely screwed. I mean, there’s not much else I could have done," Flick said. 

And even though Flick voted with her alliance to get rid of Mat, her very visible earlier discussions with the footy legend had raised a few red flags for Locky, Brooke, and Shonee.

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As merge loomed and paranoia reached a heightened state on Mokuta 2.0, it became clear that old grudges were rising to the surface and after an immunity loss to Vakama, it was decided that Flick would be next to leave.

"I came into this game to take out Flick," Brooke shared. "I know that she flips when she gets paranoid".

Like many players before her, Flick could see the giant merge sign at the end of the tunnel, and said she knew she could win if only she could have reached the individual stage of the game.

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"I was definitely blindsided and that sucks because I was so close [to merge] and I’m such a huge Survivor fan so I was absolutely devastated," she said, explaining the allies she would have joined from Vakama including Jacqui and Dave. 

"If you took Brooke out of the equation I would have definitely made it to merge. I think my game was pretty good, it came down to the vendetta that Brooke had to get rid of me and good on her," she conceded. 

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