'Survivor Is A Game About Trust': Phoebe Explains Why She Told David About The Idol Clue

It was the move that potentially cost her the game, but to understand why Phoebe told the Golden God about her idol clue we first have to go back a few days.

In the extremely tense tribal council that saw both Mokuta and Vakama sitting alongside each other voting two players to go to a fire-making challenge to avoid elimination, Phoebe managed to create a blaze that burned through Lydia Lassila's time on All Stars.

Heading into that tribal, Phoebe admitted she knew she was in trouble. "I was very, very anxious and stressed because I could feel it was not going to go down the way I wanted to," she told 10 daily.

"It changed everything for me because that was the point in time where I went all-in on David," she said.

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Following her return to camp after her fire victory, Phoebe took stock of her tribe noting that she really only had two allies: David and Nick.

"I had some questions about David after the Daisy blindside... part of me was very cautious but I also accepted [revenge] was the reason for the move. It made sense to me. If Kristie Bennett was put on my beach I'd be making sure she was going home very early too. I get it."

With very few allies and her neck on the chopping block, Phoebe put her trust in Nick and David -- reiterating that she and the Golden God were very close from day one.

"Dave and I were close. There's a three and a half week relationship there," she said.

"That trust was based on the back of having spent most of my time with him over the last three and a half weeks. He's literally my big spoon, he's keeping me warm at night," Phoebe explained.

"I was having a tough time at Mokuta, he was genuinely the person that was most supportive through that time.

"It's those everyday interactions over those weeks that the audience doesn't see," Phoebe continued. "They see the scheming in confessionals but what I experienced of David on the island is that he was going to take care of me.

"Survivor is a game about deception, but it's also a game about trust."

Having that trust with Dave was one thing, but after voting against him in the previous tribal, she also knew she had to work as hard as possible to get him back on-side. And there was another thing: the cake shop was a dead giveaway.

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Following Tarzan and Mo, Phoebe went into the cake shop like Edward Scissorhands, slicing everything into pieces to locate any sort of clue -- successfully, we might add. Hiding the clue so no one else could find it, Phoebe returned to tribe only to have David be next in line to head into the cake shop.

"When Moana and Tarzan came back they told everybody, 'I didn't cut open the cakes'. When David went in he saw that every single cake had been cut. He knew that I would have found something," Phoebe said.

"I had to tell him I found the clue. I didn't want to tell him what the clue was but I did search for two days by myself. There were termite mounds all over the camp so it was not that I told him what the clue was straight away, but I did get to a point where I couldn't find it. I panicked."

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And while the decision to tell David has been criticised by fans, Phoebe still holds strong that from her perspective the pair were a tight duo.

"I don't think there's anything overly wrong with trusting the person you've been working with from day one, who you're in a close alliance with," she said.

"You can't get through that game without relying on people around you. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong person."

Heading into what would be her final tribal council, Phoebe said she knew she would be catching votes but there were still wildcards at play in the form of Lee and Sharn.

"Did I expect to go home? Yes, in many ways I did," Phoebe admitted. "Did I expect it to go down like that and for it to have come from David? No."

With Nick's extra vote from Pandora's Box in the mix, the tribal went to a re-vote and from there Phoebe knew her fate was sealed.

Still, she tried to plead with David not to vote for her a second time, the idol she tipped him off about hanging around his neck.

"I had to sit there and wait for everybody to vote me out," she said. "I guess that's just the game. It would be awesome if you could turn around and plead your case or do anything to try and stay, but you just can't.

"I don't think there would have been any conversation that turned it around anyway."

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Watching the episode back, Phoebe said it was difficult to have to re-live that final tribal.

"I'm a Survivor fan, I've been a fan my whole life and I really wanted to go further," she said. "It was a dream, so I know in my heart I gave it absolutely everything I had at every moment. Everything I could possibly do, I did do.

"I know in my heart I'm walking away having given it everything. But it's hard to re-live that dream coming to an end and watching your own heart break on national television. That's not easy."

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