'What The Hell Did You Think They Were Talking About?': Survivor Auction Sparks Heated Gogglebox Debate About Mexican Parmas

Sitting down to watch the Australian Survivor: All Stars auction, the Gogglebox households had a few questions about a staple of local pub cuisine.

The Survivor auction has long been a favourite segment of the series, with Lily Rose Elias -- a member of the new Gogglebox family --  jumping up excitedly when it was clear what was about to go down.

"Oh my god is it the auction?" she asked. "I used to watch these on YouTube for fun!"

The families watched Jonathan La Paglia explain the new rules of the Survivor auction with each tribe to be given $2000 to spend, but players to bid individually -- which was always going to create tension.

Lily Rose was the most excited person in Australia to watch the Survivor auction. Image: Network 10.

Jad told Matty and Sarah Marie that he'd definitely be selfish when it came to getting his hands on some food, explaining that he wasn't even sharing the bowl of popcorn in his hands.

"Oh, we know... and it's our popcorn!" Matty replied.



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But it was the introduction of contestant John Eastoe's favourite meal in the world that had a few Goggleboxers scratching their heads -- the Mexican parmigiana.

"John's obsessed with Mexican parmas," Millie Dalton explained to her parents.

Image: Network 10.

In Melbourne, Lee attempted to explain to husband Keith what the crispy, juicy pub meal actually was -- but didn't have much success.

"Instead of having your cheese and tomato on it, it'd have a spicy green sort of..." she trailed off.

Australian Survivor


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As the dish was presented -- a glorious mess of guacamole, sour cream and nachos atop a succulent chicken schnitzel, Ketih was still confused.

"He said it was a Mexican parma?" he inquired.

Image: Network 10.

"It is a parma! Lee sighed. "Anything where you've got a chicken schnitzel but you put something on top..."

But they were back to square one with Lee asking, "Oh, is it chicken?"

"I didn't know it was chicken, I thought it was just a taco thing!" he added, as Lee completely gave up, covering her face in frustration.

"What the hell did you think they were talking about?" Lee huffed.

Almost as frustrated as poor Johnny who narrowly missed out on a Mexican parmigiana for the second season in a row on Australian Survivor. 

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